Bachelor Party for the Jonas Brothers

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26 Responses for “Bachelor Party for the Jonas Brothers”

  1. Jamie4 says:

    i am fan of the Jonas Brothers. they are very cool, handsome and they perform very well in live concerts too.

  2. girlswannabeher says:


    I hope that this is just a bunch of bullshit they’re telling press, and they get a stripper and go drinking.
    Who cares if Nick and Joe aren’t 21. They’re the Jonas Brothers, they could probably get into any club in America.

  3. PrincetonGirl705 says:

    a bachelor party is not a bachelor party without a stripper.

  4. adrianazoom says:

    GUYS EVEN IF THEY DID WANNA GO DRINKING! Joe and Nick can’t. Joe is 20 and Nick is 17 there is no way they would even be allowed to do anything fun.

    Now Joe if u came to Canada u would be able do drink, cause here it’s 19 and over and in America it’s 21 and over so yah. PEOPLE STOP SAYING THAT!!!!!

  5. sandrita14grs says:

    you are a big shit!
    i love the jonas brothers 4 ever!!!

  6. mirah167 says:

    Gosh!You are SO right!!I’m with u all the way!This guy is just being rude..!I think that’s all he can think of..Married bcoz of sex..What an immatured dude..

  7. jasminelovesjb says:


  8. mirah167 says:

    Not that funny & kinda rude..
    “Kevin wants to get married bcoz frankly he wants some sex already.”.Seriously,is that all he(Jimmy) can think of??married bcoz of sex??!Woah!immature much..

  9. FlyingAero says:

    You need a life

  10. xxxsweetsinxxx says:

    LOL that is so funny!! Bachelor Party need booze in that party f^ck Disney they need to go out and have fun like drinking and jacking off lol

  11. caoimhelovesjonas says:


  12. shawnalee17 says:

    lol that was pretty funny! how can you have a bachelor party without booze? i like these guys, there music is good and all, but like seriously how can you have a bachelor party without all the good stuff? these guys are wayyy to clean, they need to loosen up and experiement and have somne funnn

  13. beachgal9 says:

    i love the jonas brothers but that was mean and a little bit funny

  14. ZacEfronFan129 says:

    This Is Crazy…..Why Say Something As Crule As What You Said. I Love The Jonas Brothers And I Think That Was So Mean. Kevin Loves Her. Thats Why He Is Marrying Her. And Remember Nick Is Only 17. He Cant Go Getting Drunk. He Is Under Age. Use You Brains Man….So All Those Jonas Brothers Haters Out There, If You Wanna Say Stuff About Them Say It To Me Cause I Will Never and I Say Never Stop Loving The Jonas Brothers.

  15. Sarahtypehere says:

    lol i thought it was funny
    and honestly i think their are both good and bad reasons to wait until marraige
    for sex
    obviously it would be difficult so rushing to get married is expected
    also because you need that experience and closeness with someone to think…”oh this it what it will be like for the rest of my life”

  16. meli0594 says:

    the thing in the start with Kevin why he would get married is true lol… i am a HUUUUGE fan of jonas brothers… but i think all the fans knows why he would get married so fast.. LOL

  17. amaqula says:

    That is such an ignorant thing to say. It’s more likely he loves the girl and wants to marry her – and start a family – as people used to do once – before secularism and demographic meltdown set in!!


    you are danm strait about that I’m A BIG MABE EVEN HUG FAN AND THIS IS DOWN RIGHT CRULE!!!!!!!!

  19. Xxmorales says:

    Nick needs to get drunk already!

  20. BatmanAndCautionman says:


  21. libramoonlight says:

    huh…. disappointed. jimmy’s usually funny and this just.. wasn’t. i like a good Jonas Brothers joke as much as the next fan but this was lame and unoriginal.

  22. Fritz25 says:

    lol hilarious… Does anyone know who that chick is? I know i’ve seen her somewhere else/

  23. Chellerific1993 says:

    hes not making fun of them, he’s just having a lil fun…i found it funny and im a HUGE fan

  24. accountbelongingtodr says:

    that was by far the funniest thing i have ever seen about the jonas brothers (im a huge fan and i took no offense to this)
    i seriously think they need to just go have some fun for one night. let joe and nick drink! theyre 17 and 20. its not some unheardof thing! and even if they dont want to drink, they can still go to vegas and have fun!

  25. sarahsjb1 says:

    omg! I love JB but gosh Jimmy is hilarious! “where virgins go to score” lol!

  26. anny15jonas says:

    >:( because they are not allowed to be happy 🙁

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