Best Funny Wedding Dance – MC Hammer: U Can’t Touch This

Best 1st wedding dance ever, from Norah Jones ‘Come Away With Me’ to a crowd surprise of MC Hammer’s ‘U Can’t Touch This’

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25 Responses for “Best Funny Wedding Dance – MC Hammer: U Can’t Touch This”

  1. MrsHisle2b says:

    I love the dress where did it come from? I’m gettin married in about 10 months, I so need to find a dress

  2. Bliblablup1983 says:

    oh my god i want to do the same at my wedding XD

    5 stars

  3. DrPoker7 says:


  4. colldaddy97 says:

    Awesome dance! Bad camera work, but great dance! 5 stars!

  5. sliq1 says:

    ahaha nice just saw this.. wish you both lots of happieness

  6. johnnyvincent2 says:

    at the begining theryre like who the hell changed the music but then it looks like they had already practiced for it

  7. narusasusakufan147 says:

    omg the bride is gorgeous! I hope you guys have a happy life!

  8. fmfreeway says:


    I just kept smiling throughout! I wish you both the very best that life has to offer!! 🙂

  9. commentmadam says:

    this is my favorite of all the “funny wedding dance” genre! omg. gorgeous couple too!!

  10. raymondm628 says:

    v good

  11. Businka says:

    This is so cool! Awesome job!

  12. SeanPaulGiirl says:

    lol dis is funni
    bride looks so prettti

  13. XxLoverGirl4 says:

    Lolz great dance

  14. inmaree says:

    That was nice lol

  15. Soldierforpeace says:

    Well done John! I dont think Kate will like this though!

  16. tokwok2 says:

    i want to learn the dance from these guys! awesome pair 😀

  17. BlaNeon says:

    Haha ^^

  18. Cinkyy says:

    haha. nice (:

  19. pachake says:

    gheheh ^^ well done =)

  20. kyushizuka says:

    nice video that was an forgetable moment

  21. shainahsin says:

    nice one.hope they dance through life’s ups and downs too. cheers guys!! cool pair. i loved this

  22. x0onlyme0x says:


  23. deelady38 says:

    I soo enjoyed this video. I hope they still dance together for all eternity.

  24. Jay84tokio says:

    Very cool:-)! But I guess, this needed some practice bevore wedding, didn’t it?

  25. suki3275 says:

    best one ive seen so far lol

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