Brittany and Jonathan get married in Las Vegas on New Years Eve 2009

I surprised Brittany on New Year’s Eve day by whisking her off to Las Vegas to get married at Cupid’s Wedding Chapel. We packed a bag in five minutes (Brittany’s wedding dress was a black dress she had never worn that I bought her three years ago for in Caleta de Campos, a small town on the coast in central Mexico) and we were out the door, rushing to make our flight to Vegas. It was a CRAZY day, one that we won’t be forgetting anytime soon. The chapel provided a webcast of the event (gotta love that Interweb) so that all our friends and family could watch—which turned out to be hilarious because our cell phones were getting bombarded with text messages from everyone watching and sending us photos of us on their computer screens. (The pastor said we had so many people watching that it almost crashed their site!) We were able to get a copy of the ceremony from Cupid’s and that’s what is posted here (Natalie, the wedding photog you’ll see in the video, was from Russia and was absolutely classic, telling us to “Smile, yes, smile bigger and now, yes, make the love pose”). It was a great day, incredibly fun and neither of us have stopped smiling since.

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