Bro drunk after wedding, trying to beat cheeks with the wifey

Older bro drunk at wedding, tryna beat cheeks with the wifey in front of his family.

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25 Responses for “Bro drunk after wedding, trying to beat cheeks with the wifey”

  1. PUCK271 says:

    weddings are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. uckfayushbay says:

    too many white wine spritzers for joshie. what a douche.

  3. Derail07 says:

    Is the whole family there to witness a conception? WTF

  4. balajiraja says:

    Ok, I am curious…Are these 2 still married to eachother?

  5. thedarkoneGORL says:

    O.O dude he is drunk as fuck!


  6. johnpetrucci42 says:

    Your awesome Josh…lol

    I’ll see you up at the Way tomorrow with my guitar.

  7. EnDr1TC says:

    Laughing my ass off. Wish u guys all the best!!!

  8. Dayna349 says:

    this vid is classic….so cute!!

  9. cindylrain says:

    thats soo funny ,, cutee

  10. Devinnlovesyou says:

    this is so freakin funnyy!!

  11. simonsin666 says:


  12. lsandmn says:

    holly smoke this had me laughing so hard. CLASSIC.

  13. lijunxing0773 says:

    o, and when he said, “she wants to hit it too” thats priceless

  14. lijunxing0773 says:

    o, and the rndm kid being in the close proximity of the scene is also very hilarious

  15. lijunxing0773 says:

    how on earth did he mixed spanish in his convo?
    and whos that guy who yelled “threesome”? hes not wearing formal attire…
    wow, i cant believe the mom and the sis was there to witness him. this is so the way to hit it off as a couple. lol
    hilarioius, he must b so speechless when he watched it…

  16. WTFproductione says:

    lmfao atta wayy to do it 🙂 i fuckin love this couple

  17. zxdwahaha says:

    美式闹洞房 哈哈

  18. lilkosi says:

    thats cute.

  19. Morenito21 says:

    LMGDAOOOOOOOOOOOO wow bro this fukkin guy reminds me of EXACTLY how i’d act!

  20. BraddlesPoo says:

    let the man live. jeez.

  21. iluffnz says:

    wow, i hope my fiance doesnt think hes going ot be like this, if that was me (the chick) i would have left him, wanker why would you ruin your wedding night, the one and only night of your life that is supposed to be the happiest and your supposed to remember it omg, i would have cut his nuts off lol.

  22. ILoveEddwardCullen says:

    aw that is funny!…lol,he probably doesn’t even remember this happening

  23. jondeak says: are my hero. when i get married i plan on getting wasted too.

  24. Goldhelmriel says:

    I hope your cousin gets some help for his sake & your family’s. In the meantime, keep smilin! 🙂

  25. deadendtwin says:

    hahaha!! hilarious!!

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