Candy Shop by Dan Finnerty scene from ‘The Hangover”

Priceless performance … candy shop dan finnerty hangover movie las vegas wedding song funny humour 2009 2008

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22 Responses for “Candy Shop by Dan Finnerty scene from ‘The Hangover””

  1. MsBubbleyum1 says:

    Oh man! I love this scene… the same guy from Old School!! Classic!! lol… Hilarious!!…

  2. Yankeesfan0798 says:

    wow lik best part in movie

  3. qwertyuiop1000000 says:

    LMAO @ 0:28!! hahah post the entire wedding scene it’s HILARIOUS!

  4. CH1NAFAC3D says:

    lol!!! he spins the old lady then flicks off the old guy..freaking hilarious!!

  5. beauty1805 says:

    i can’t stop laughing heeeelp XD

    hahahahahahahahahahahahhaha HaNGOVER ♥

  6. leajulian72 says:

    laughing my ass off for one day already

  7. good2mebaby says:

    It’s so fun!
    A friend and me can’t stop laughing watching this. 😉 Oh damn ♥

  8. hypercito says:

    it’s so smart from the director to have the same band from Old School at the wedding they are freaking hilarious.. i wanna have them in my wedding!

  9. RedzoneComedy says:

    i love it i wish it was more of the vid tho

  10. 23player23player says:

    old school is defo funny but the hangover for me is defo the funniest! and 2nd is tallega nights

  11. CtoiTheBulletDodger says:

    dude the funniest movie ever is OLDSCHOOL this band was also featured there, the hangover and oldschool was created by the same production and staff

  12. 23player23player says:

    this movie is the funneist movie i have ever seen-and iv seen some funny movies! its even funnier than 40 yr old virgin

  13. winkpnnk says:


  14. Elfenlied555 says:


  15. rhils2291 says:

    lmao this guy is in old school too

  16. Jwizzman says:

    I laughed my lungs on the floor when I saw this in the cinema, freakin’ hilarious

  17. PassionFruitJuice48 says:


  18. 1CLOSTA713 says:

    funniest movie i saw in a long while!

  19. deax1121 says:

    best movie in like 3 years

  20. Shommy84 says:

    amazing !

  21. ennychika says:

    hahahha soooooooo cool 😀

  22. englishwork3 says:

    that was freaken hilarious

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