Dance Off Gypsy Wedding in Las Vegas Ziko Family

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25 Responses for “Dance Off Gypsy Wedding in Las Vegas Ziko Family”

  1. gypsynatalie22 says:

    you ppl are crazy this guy is a very good dancer….end stop leavin crazy comments coz ur alll jellous of him dancin soo good …why dont u ppl leave this girl in the purple dress comments she looks like a whore…..

  2. gabi10203040 says:

    nasvaloo giero.

  3. mikeinlasvegas says:

    lol yeah the kids made 2 grown men look bad

  4. mikeinlasvegas says:

    gears of war any one?????

    tyna lol

  5. mikeinlasvegas says:

    im not from new york but ive herd of it and i was there once and your right dude

  6. perrydemetro777 says:

    lmao wow i cant beleve it what im seeing in my eyes lol chay lashove lmao i have no words may god have mercey on yor souls lol

  7. JRJOEY1234567 says:

    say what ever you want he still looks stupid danceing sorry im not the only one that thought so and the way you sound you must be stupid your self

  8. Italianca711 says:

    Everyone of you that left a negative comment you need to find Jesus and I feel very sorry for you and negative people go to Hell, In the name of Jesus Love you. -Mother

  9. Italianca711 says:

    you stupid ass bitch, ya BITCH!!! they did dance good at that place it was just a time when the younger boys were danceing fun. don’t be jealous ass hole

  10. Italianca711 says:

    that was my son and he had a blast

  11. Italianca711 says:

    To all you haters out there go F*#k yourself. That is my husband and you all must be jealous you were not at the wedding. We had a great time and those boys are young and having fun. So don’t watch it if it is stupid you all you dumb ass people!!!

  12. Chrisnray says:

    No thats called young people like you not respecting what gypsies stand for and having no respect.. you sound like the type of kid who would start “booty” dancing with a broad if given the chance in the middle of a hall.

  13. mdguys says:

    the groom in the backround like it. i wanna slap there faces thay belong in gages so people dont have to see tham gbt but thay need to be put away

  14. Joshifered says:

    you know something, west coast people are neusences, and why is their a girl getting involved. you dont see this in New york

  15. sammix123boy says:

    will come to 2009 guys were rome dont do that no more just find a girl and dance its a wedding

  16. NicknDessy09 says:

    this was ok in 1991 but now its just gross

  17. sophiaj1234 says:

    omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..thats all i can say

  18. JRJOEY1234567 says:

    dont they think that are to old for this you only look stuip

  19. gypsybluesin7022 says:

    was this jow zikos wedding?….

  20. davidmixx says:

    wow there was 8000 views and they all laughed at u guys weres all the real rome che lashave con shadav

  21. davidmixx says:

    omg there was not one good comment im only 14 and im sharper than u stupid losers and u guys are like 30 i bet wow i can get better comments from my comment oh and the little kids dance better than u

  22. DjSaDmAy508 says:

    omgg its a wedding not a club why do yous think yous are nigger omgg
    ps you guys are not niggers

  23. sophiaj1234 says:

    i am actually embarrased for these ppl.,omg you know that you are not black? so old ppl had to look at this crap in the hall and nobody stopped this junk? wow ..just wow..

  24. AngieInVegas says:


  25. clevelandboy777 says:


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