Danny Szabo Trex 450 Helicopter Las Vegas

Danny Szabo in Las Vegas on a winter day flying his Trex 450

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22 Responses for “Danny Szabo Trex 450 Helicopter Las Vegas”

  1. Rodnox says:

    Now, U R skilled.

  2. Rodnox says:

    have a look at the airwolf

  3. kds450s says:

    A raptor 90 se

  4. 1Stunna2323 says:

    do ya think so????

  5. mikkamon says:

    how big was the raptor at the start of the vid? 50 or 90?

  6. kds450s says:

    He’s good ! ! !

  7. nateflite says:


  8. davidduval17 says:

    Nice brother ; ) Good pilot family ! im 13 year’s old and i am french champion im my gategories

  9. FlyHighRC386 says:

    hey r u guys using dx6i bc i got a trex 450sa and i need a heli radio any sugestions

  10. anon098 says:

    I would have sliced my face off at 1:16

  11. synman95 says:

    how have you and danny been flying alan and is the trex 450 sa a good heli

  12. yugemoswa says:

    that was awesome and is that heli a good free rome heli

  13. trxspirit says:

    don’t forget the RCer Dragonus

    the head is programable, you can go from nimble to crazy 3D easily

  14. rchelifreak says:

    Naw thats an Airtronics Stylus.

  15. cat123456789101 says:

    is that a futaba 14mz that is $3000 but he probaly got it for free because every company love the szabo

  16. happypappykid74 says:

    Thanks for the advice 🙂

  17. xXxKidderxXx says:

    Spend a little bit more time on your CP and go for either a Furion, Rave, or G5. Maybe the Trex 450 Pro(v3) will match the performance of the newer 450 class helis, but the earlier models are on their way out.

  18. happypappykid74 says:

    I just bought a Blade CP+ its only my second heli but I will pick it up soon. I was referred to the Trex 450 and am wondering if once I get really good with my CP should I get a 450 or what? I am still new to this sport so I need some guidance anything would help thanks.

  19. cat123456789101 says:

    i would like to see you beating the hell out of a honey bee king2

  20. AlessandroAUS says:

    There’s more than one Szabo

  21. sdrfgvrfgvsfravgdsvS says:

    danny? alan? wtf

  22. evildogbilly says:

    sounds like a bit of sourness there .I am not afraid to fly the lesser known brand hellis. a started out with a blade 400 and still have it. but honestly my t-rex 450 is in a totally different league, worth every penny i reckon.

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