Drive Thru Wedding in Vegas

In 2002, my girlfriend’s brother got married. He invited us out to his wedding, which took place in a rented yellow jeep, at a drive through chapel in Las Vegas. I was asked to be the videographer, how could I refuse?

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12 Responses for “Drive Thru Wedding in Vegas”

  1. wittgenstein83 says:

    dude! this is awesome, thanks for posting this! LOL

  2. eternalvibe says:

    just an update, i think i was petr’s inspiration…he’s now a full time wedding videographer; what can i say? i’m proud of my inspiration.

  3. eternalvibe says:

    they cost extra, of course

  4. cacaplops says:

    Do you get fries with that?

  5. nakayoshikids says:

    I wonder, if there are any Divorce Drive Thru in Vegas. People change their mind, always.

  6. FaintHeartbeat says:

    That’s great! I would get married like this! =)

  7. weilandzgirl says:

    terrible. lol

  8. McDermott170 says:

    I cant believe this is real…I saw this on a wrestling show in 1999 and found out later its totally real…unbelievable

  9. eternalvibe says:

    i don’t know all of it, in the end i was showing clips from it, like the t-shirts…they were in the kit. not sure what else, maybe a magnent or a keychain or some other bs…i wasn’t the one getting married.

  10. kahilah says:

    What was in the ‘newlywed kit’?

  11. satinpetal says:

    Tacky and he’s ugly.

  12. missnaruto101 says:

    Well thats something to tell the kids.

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