Elvis Wedding at the Graceland Chapel Las Vegas

Audrey and I taking the the vow at the Graceland Chapel Las Vegas

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10 Responses for “Elvis Wedding at the Graceland Chapel Las Vegas”

  1. otnorot92 says:

    I will get married here and meet this prist.

  2. peteoffleet says:

    My sister is thinking of getting married in this chapel. Can you please tell me the name of this impersonator, as he seems to be the best by far out of the ones that are on youtube. Thanks.

  3. pedrot777 says:

    Gracefull wedding. It’s really ispirate me. You are my gests to my wedding next year in LV!

  4. Soagui says:

    Beautiful wedding! Elvis was great! Thankyou for posting!

  5. loggingg says:

    poor elvis why must he die muaaaaaaahaaaanguaaeeee

  6. arisbus1 says:

    I married one week ago in the same chapel
    Elvis was great.

  7. borinotambe says:

    I married two weeks ago in that chapel. It was wonderfull!

  8. maritzaysoraya says:

    thank to this video i got marriged with the king at vegas

  9. Chlougneric says:

    MAGNIFIQUE!!! 5 étoiles pour cette vidéo mais 10 étoiles pour la vidéo du “vrai” mariage…

  10. brunoscala says:

    holy moly…
    that was hella good…
    I knew the king was alive!
    looking forward the real wedding…

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