Emily and Josh Vegas wedding part 2 of 2

Part 2 of Emily and Josh’s Vegas wedding. If you like this please rate it and pass it on to your friends.

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8 Responses for “Emily and Josh Vegas wedding part 2 of 2”

  1. wearspjsinpublic says:

    Best vows ever. Way to not follow stingy old traditions!

  2. joshuachesler says:

    No offense taken. Glad you like it. I actually wrote both of our vows. Everyone expected me to be funny because i’m a comedian. I wanted hers to be hilarious. I thought they were funnier than mine. Em’s were based on how my mom treats her husband. So naturally my mother wasn’t amused at all, and she thought Em really meant the things she was saying. Everyone else loved the ceremony. Even grandparents. After the ceremony we had the guests roast us (in lieu of toasts ).

  3. gina122779 says:

    Oh… I didn’t mean anything bad by it… I was LMAO… just thought her vows were far worse than his. His were more comical while hers seemed mean “stingy bastard” and “dragging across hot coals” and then calling you “asshole” at the end. I know it was in good fun… and I thought it was hilarious. Clearly, you all had fun… were any of the guests offended? It seems like a great idea… I just wonder if parents or grandparents would see the humor. Mine wouldn’t have understood.

  4. joshuachesler says:

    Nothing vicious… just satirical… mocking.

  5. gina122779 says:

    Interesting… but cute… in an odd sort of way. Her vows were way more vicious!

  6. joshuachesler says:

    Actually she’s very sweet. Our vows were based on how people around us behaved after years of marriage. We decided to have a little fun with it.

  7. kevdogg05 says:

    Damn, maybe a little too honest…. And I would suggest that when yall get into an argument with each other, for the guy to sleep at a hotel because she looks like the type of girl that will cut off your dick in your sleep… Good luck

  8. pyrowizz says:

    funniest thing i’ve ever seen

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