Grand Canyon Las Vegas Strip Helicopter Tour Highlights Pro

Maverick Helicopter Tours showcases their stunning tour that takes you over Hoover Dam, into the Grand Canyon, and down the Las Vegas Strip in an EcoStar Helicopter. Call 800-571-6037 for more information.

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20 Responses for “Grand Canyon Las Vegas Strip Helicopter Tour Highlights Pro”

  1. Tim says:

    helicopter tours are relatively cheap these days. 2 people can go up for anywhere from 300-500, depending on where you are and where you go. well worth it as you can see from the video. the best spots to go up are las vegas, los angeles and new york. they all have some great scenery and offer something different.

  2. elviskevinb says:

    done this trip last year cost like $600 £300 at the time 4 two of us it was worth it ,, great morning out we loved it,,, we frm UK

  3. ahmed3023 says:

    ok Linh, DO NOT TAKE THIS RIDE!!!! lol

  4. 24ALDO24 says:

    HI how many for the trip and with what company thank ?

  5. tedinvegas says:

    1/2 day, either morning or afternoon.

  6. JorgeVABG says:

    how long is it?

  7. tedinvegas says:

    Now that’s funny!

  8. BIGRED224FOREVER says:

    At 6:01 i swear i saw a guy behind the picnic table with a handful of cards snappin’ em trying to get me to purchase some grandcanyon babes!

  9. tedinvegas says:

    West end of the Canyon on the Hualapai Indian Reservation land.

  10. SidneyXda says:

    The dance song at the start what is it called?

  11. SidneyXda says:

    Which section of grand canyon is the skywalk? the red mountains etc .. basically by monument valley?

  12. SidneyXda says:

    whats the music called???

  13. Longtalsally says:

    This was cool..I’ve lived in Vegas 9 years and haven’t been on a helicopter tour yet…..

  14. deagla says:

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  15. jimmyd42069 says:

    bin there done that.. it was really cool anyone reading this should go

  16. bogvd25 says:

    i am from romania(europe) and ai want to know how much the trip cost?..

  17. airbus91 says:


  18. tedinvegas says:

    Prices vary. Call Maverick at 800-571-6037 for more information.

  19. ocyalos says:

    Good enough

  20. elfen505 says:

    amazing vid – how much is the trip?

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