GWNN Las Vegas Johnaton & Dolly’s Wedding

Johnaton & Dolly’s Wedding Las vegas

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19 Responses for “GWNN Las Vegas Johnaton & Dolly’s Wedding”

  1. joeziko says:

    Jonathon Is This Your 17th Wife LMAOOOOOOOO Hopefully This Girl Is The Lucky One. LUV YOUS..GOD BLESS YOU IN JESUS NAME.

  2. 1Valerielamblv says:


  3. Vincentinlv11 says:

    God b

  4. Vincentinlv11 says:

    God b john and dolly and the kid’s form
    vincent& Archie & pamela& valerie

  5. steveandmonique says:

    god bless your marriage in jesus name

  6. xAndrewLambx says:


  7. Alexrussin says:

    god bless you guys and i love twinkeys lol

  8. snakeboyinaz says:

    god bless dolly family i dont see yous for a long time im natalie jerry and laura girl god bless yous and your marrige………

  9. Wandoswife says:

    God bless them togather

  10. lambboyinlv says:

    God bless John and dolly

  11. Laundralambgirl says:

    God bless you and your wife little bro gb your marrige in Jesus name

  12. steveandmonique says:

    good pics looks like every body had
    a good time god bless you guys your
    bro steve lamb

  13. jeremiahandsamantha says:

    hey thats a good picture of me on the dance flore lol

  14. blayitsjacobkboy says:

    um god bless u’z, no wedding drezs?


    lmaooooooo lololol

  16. xAndrewLambx says:

    Ran out of song I’ll make part 2 soon

  17. NickandAnnie1 says:

    laly gb there marriage y no pic of the bride in wedding dress ? anyway hot vid

  18. honeyandjosh says:

    god bless his marrige

  19. gypsyLAMBGIRLinLV says:

    lalay god bless his marrige in jesus name what god put togeter let no man take a part or sam lolololol

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