Gypsy, Chris Bones & Jenny’s Wedding In Jersey by Larry Chip

Chris Ricky & Strawberry’s & Jeniffer Donald & Debbie’s Wedding in New Jersey, May 26 2009.

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25 Responses for “Gypsy, Chris Bones & Jenny’s Wedding In Jersey by Larry Chip”

  1. SophieDollNYC says:

    omg the dresses are beyond gorgeous!!!! ta even baxtale!

  2. RUSTYMARX says:

    thank you my friend for shareing ,, nice time,,Rusty

  3. mratlga31 says:

    wher did he get that suite i want one ..the black shark skine one chirs was whering

  4. sablebones says:

    hay larry how r u ? lol i cant lie u do got the best pics u got the see my video its called funny shit your in it and let me know what the baby is when u guys find out tell sam i said him

  5. GyPSyCELEBERTyS says:

    NICE JOB 5 *

  6. manovladonyc says:

    where did he buy that stuit

  7. weirdblooded62 says:

    KOOl party

  8. LarryChipVT says:

    Barrabas – Woman

  9. Pookiepie123 says:

    can u please tell me the name of the last song pllllleeeasee..

  10. skigoboys says:

    looks like you guys had fun

  11. samstevenschicago1 says:

    u should put the names of the people but good pictures some of us outowners dodnt know the names of all people except 4 the pic of jaws anl lisa it stinks lmao

  12. johnashley1979 says:

    hey good job larry ill tell you when i make a party you are hired ………………lol

  13. LarryChipVT says:

    Gadjo – It’s Alright.

  14. KarrieNJ says:

    Beautiful picks , Great job, l love the video ..Jen looks unreal.
    ~ Mrs Don Bones

  15. sabrinabeexoxox16 says:

    what the name of this song a t 3;02

  16. PaulaNPa says:

    by far larry You Got Da Best Video Of Jennys Wedding

  17. markpetro08 says:

    hay very nice pics good job good bless you and your fam

  18. angelamodenas says:

    Luvz it , I wish I was there! everyone looks Fab!! and Shanna You Look Bomb!!

  19. GypsyHarleyDude says:

    GREAT JOB CHIP!! and wow,,,I see Gina had a blast @ 8:08.Oh, and why @ 3:36 is carrots wearing pajamas at the wedding??

  20. MrDonaldBones says:

    The background @ 8:08? You must be talking about the life-sized PEZ dispenser we brought in for the kids,.. Yeah it was fun, the kids had a blast with it.

  21. DutchessDukes says:

    verry nice

  22. myalovelilly says:


    Were having a wedding over here in Fla,the Roma want to know how much you’ll charge them to come down here and tape it?

    lol,you guys look good!

  23. NickGuy81 says:

    Hay Larry Nice Pics Bray From Your Buddy Nick Guy

  24. Pookiepie123 says:

    can you please tell me the name of the last song on the video? Please?


    Finally, Thanks 2 you Mr. Chip no dissrespect ,i have been waiting to see the actual STAR’S of the show!!! fantastick pics, clears photo’s and great choise of music, if i don’t say so my self!, !!!!! so-far your in 1st place of the best pic’s yet,,, from the GREAT EVENT!!!
    hopefully the best is yet 2 come!!!! (((we shall see! MR.CHIP>)))) in a russian spy’s voice! lol GOD BLESS

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