Gypsy Josh And Chanel Tumyala Party IN Las Vegas Superbowl

Josh And Chanel Party In las Vegas gypsy wedding gypsy party Tumyala britnhillz dorina28 rustmarx bobbydo

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16 Responses for “Gypsy Josh And Chanel Tumyala Party IN Las Vegas Superbowl”

  1. SabbyAdams09 says:

    Wow this was beautiful looked like a wedding.. God Bless Them

  2. Bitchesfromthesouth1 says:

    nice deal cute lil couple lol god bless them..

  3. dadovegas123 says:

    hay good job on the video gabby

  4. doreensboy says:

    very nice and classy tomyala looks like every one was happy and had a nice time god bless

  5. BIGR0B818 says:

    Everything was beautiful and elegent. Wish we there. Wishing lot of luck and happiness for josh and chanel. They looked beautiful. God bless the kids!

  6. SpankyMix says:

    wow you guys maid us cry god bless you channell n josh

  7. psychobitch562 says:*****

  8. okieboy7771989 says:

    wow did u see me in that video lol wow

  9. thejoshguitar says:

    5 starss!!!!!!!! ***** i wish i was there

  10. Dorina28 says:

    lalay that was great you looked so petty lalay tell your mommy i said hi

  11. bobbydo7777 says:

    wow that was so beautiful ..she made me cry!! lol p.s can i get a loan?? lol gbu

  12. gypsybrandontonys says:

    god bless you guys we well be at the wedding chanel looks beautiful and the boy looks like a nice boy gb them

  13. crazygirls626 says:

    May the lord bring peace and happiness to them IN JESUS’ NAME AMEN!!!

  14. MADAEBAY says:

    Very CLASSY Beautiful Girl Nice Deal God Bless They Make A Nice Couple

  15. melissa21la says:

    shes looked so pretty lol thay make a very cute little cuple….gb them

  16. TheDelayinLaBreY says:

    God Bless The Soon To Be Couple Miss U Guys 5 stars Sir lol

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