Gypsy Preaches in front of The Bellagio Las Vegas nv

tags I am a born again gypsy who preaches the gospel on the streets of Las vegas and on the radio 1230am Tuesdays at 8:00pm ……..tags Bible God Jesus Holy Spirit Word Scriptures Heaven Hell Afterlife Hope Faith Trust CHRISTIAN Peace Evil Satan Angels Demons Evangelism Atheism Theism…

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12 Responses for “Gypsy Preaches in front of The Bellagio Las Vegas nv”

  1. mustrickgirl says:

    wow that was beautiful it was coool how you did that in front of the bellagio god bless you and your famuly and thank you for those words gbu

  2. candykissesloo says:

    This preacher is very nice great job!!!

  3. TheBlackhorserider says:

    if i saw you on the street i would stop and listen to you you seem caring what they call them hellfire preachers if you walk by them and go woohoo for god they turn and acuse me of sinning when they dont know me or why im going woohoo for they judged me they sinned and didnt know my intentions your a good preacher like i said i would stop and hear your word people are listening nobodys argueing very good god bless you

  4. msteardrop1955 says:

    If you know Dino, Ann, or Robert Cristo pls tell them Amy is looking for them. I need help. Last saw them 30+ years ago and badly need their help.

  5. killerone100 says:

    nice job gypsy boy

  6. gypsydisciple says:

    thank you and God bless

  7. VinnieDoIHPM says:

    Keep Doing The Work For The Lord

  8. gypsydisciple says:

    Thank you and God bless you and your family

  9. markalabama says:

    god bless you n stay in the word n be bless n god has i graet gift 4 you 4 going out n sharing his word amen

  10. markalabama says:

    god bless you sir keep up the good news
    matthew 28-18

  11. sonnymiller777 says:

    wow mike ,very good i like what you do …,,and for a fat guy your a pretty good preacher ..i give you 5 stars ,and the toll free number to,, jenny creg…..lmaoo

  12. nightverse says:

    This preacher has a pleasant tone. You can clearly tell he cares about people getting their souls saved.

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