Hannah Montana Season 3 Episode 16- Jake… Another Little Piece of My Heart —- PART 3

Hannah Montana Season 3 Episode 16- Jake… Another Little Piece of My Heart —- PART 3 After a concert Hannah finds Traci in Las Vegas and is shocked to find that she is planning to marry Jake. Hannah, Lilly and Robbie all try to tell them that they’re too young to get married but the wedding is still going to go ahead. A horrified Hannah tries to ruin the wedding, only to find out that it was not a real one but is in fact a joke for the TV Series “Gotcha”. Near the end, Hannah kisses Jake …

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25 Responses for “Hannah Montana Season 3 Episode 16- Jake… Another Little Piece of My Heart —- PART 3”

  1. dancer5616 says:

    hey wers the end?

  2. dancer5616 says:

    WHOA wat if she was miley under ther!

  3. chadmystro says:

    It seems to me that she really didnt care about the wig

  4. losers0are0on0utube says:

    wait it ends wierd..

  5. biancalacnaib says:

    very very very very very [like a million times]young! :))

  6. Nocknick22 says:

    Hannah Montana is cool, I hve nothing against her but it doesn’t make sense I mean, she is already wearing a wig you would think she would take off the “Hannah” wig and put on tge Cupid one but she leaves it on under the Cupid one…. Bit I guess she has to keep her little “secret”

  7. KaitlynGillingham1 says:

    hahaa I lovee Rico ‘
    Rico it would suck to be Jackson
    but watching it
    it’s hilarious xD

  8. Missyazale1 says:

    Say hello to my little friend! ummmmmm ow? sooooo funny!!

  9. Louis2boricua1 says:

    i never liked rico

  10. ccatlove5 says:


  11. rayanalhakami says:

    miley can do anything

  12. demifan4life11 says:

    ciley is so cute!

  13. cathoux1qaz says:


  14. Terinka14 says:

    I don’t know why, but cody seems more convincing with his “wow” than Miley.

  15. SatanIsShiva66623 says:

    Good thing when the director rips off Miley’s Cupid wig that he didn’t pull off the Hannah wig, too!
    It’s Disney, I’m just sayin’.

  16. SelGomezFanX1 says:

    jackson didnt finish wat he was saying

  17. SelGomezFanX1 says:

    cody linley not lindley

  18. kwillyou22 says:


  19. Aquariiia says:


    love that part.

  20. Badgersaurus19 says:

    worst HM episode eva, jake sucks and the whole cupid show thing was really stupid

  21. hookitupanddanceitup says:

    is the last part missing or somethin?

  22. hookitupanddanceitup says:

    cody lindley

  23. MaryseDynasty121 says:

    it got cutoff…. and the noise hurt my ears i yelled OWW.

  24. cuteloveme says:

    cody lindley

  25. julia198017 says:

    whats jake ryan’s real name?

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