“Happily Ever Faster”: The Star Trek Wedding

While attending the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas in 2009 I auditioned for a role on the TV show “Happily Ever Faster”. Watch this link to see if TLC is going to replay the episode: tlc.discovery.com The quality is poor as I had to shoot my digital camera at the television, it is not a direct capture.

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9 Responses for ““Happily Ever Faster”: The Star Trek Wedding”

  1. Rowanmun says:

    Thanks for posting this! I saw it but could not get my dvr to record it. I was excited because I am one of the people in the background (2.39) The convention was a blast!

  2. kati1788 says:

    How awesome I am so happy you posted this!!! I attached it to my face book so the Chapel can re live this episode over and over again! 🙂

  3. galaxydreaming says:

    Excellent – how do I find you on Facebook?

  4. sacpup says:

    Red uniform, guy in the middle.

  5. chicagodom says:

    I love technology and how it eventually connects us all. How were you dressed?

  6. chicagodom says:

    Very wonderful. A number of us are on Facebook if you want to connect. Perhaps we’ll see you at next year’s Vegas convention.

  7. sacpup says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I am one of the finalists that was not selected.

  8. SataiDelenn says:

    Thank you for posting this. I had wanted to see this episode and missed it and was hoping it would air again later this week, but alas, TLC has seen fit to not do so. At least I got to see it this way!
    Btw, what was with the weirdo in the wheelchair? I’m honestly not trying t o be rude, but it seemed as though he either had some severe mental issues, or was on some possible illegal substances!

  9. galaxydreaming says:

    Thanks for posting this, we are the couple in the video and hadn’t been able to see it yet as TLC isn’t in NZ so YAY now I’ve seen a bit of it : )

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