Hells kitchen – Wedding failure

Red team fails with wedding dinner at season 3. Gordon Lackar Ur As Hell

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20 Responses for “Hells kitchen – Wedding failure”

  1. chingu69 says:

    For once, Melissa was right… she warned you, Ramsay… but you insisted… lol

    Ramsay’s reaction says it all: “um…. right… oh dear”

  2. 2006scottw says:

    lol u just knew that as soon as those guests left those woman were in for it `HELL`S BITCHES` lol anyway that was the nastiest looking duck ive ever seen in my life, i bet if the cameras werent rollin ramsay woulda smashed her over the head with it [i would have ]

  3. SelenaRox5546 says:

    lmao 3:21…. “Wtf is that?”

  4. TheKnightWolf says:

    3:19 OH DAMN!

  5. holysmokk says:


  6. ExodusPaddy says:

    haha fucking noobs, slap them sluts round the fucking head man.

  7. idontlikeuidontlikeu says:

    win for the black guy

  8. wildwolves8 says:

    hell bitches,hahahahhaha

  9. Lemaure44 says:

    stupids slaves…

  10. Downes18129 says:

    LOL it just shows how he can be harsh as fuck and then as soon as he needs to play it down, legend!!!

  11. leroyhalleran says:

    how could you let it get to that point…. go buy something with youre own money….AND FUCKING FIX IT . system D motherfucker

  12. trueblue1989 says:

    didnt realise Chris Moyles was a chef

  13. freddiefernandez says:

    that girl Jen sounds like she is from North Eastern PA

  14. werehyenataur says:

    Why does the chef look like a used prostitute?

  15. Xiia0Sn00pY says:

    merlissa..lol look at her..plus the food =_=

  16. trovuong says:

    epic failure 3:18

  17. LolGui says:

    “That’s a duck breast… um…”


  18. NWOBHM85 says:

    haha så slut

  19. Strappado2 says:

    lol @ 03:18

  20. Strappado2 says:

    hahahah :@

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