Ike Turner’s wedding 10/08/2006

Ike & Audrey run off to Las Vegas to get married in October 2006.

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16 Responses for “Ike Turner’s wedding 10/08/2006”

  1. herbpittman says:

    Audry helped him a lot! she is a very cool lady!!!

  2. FaerieCrone says:

    Audrey? RUN!! lol

  3. BardleyCfan says:

    @56Stiffy u r a looney person go see a doctor and learn how to spell asshole lmao

  4. 56Stiffy says:

    LIKE I SAID… PREPARE FOR THE BLACK CLOUD TO VISIT YOUR LOVED ONES. It’s coming, think of me when it gets there, asshole. Youre on ignore, youve cost me favors and resources. I’m done talking, let the games begin………..

  5. 56Stiffy says:

    Id kick Ikes ass over Audrey, but I believe youre a liar and a piece of shit, so I accept nothing U say as truth.

  6. 56Stiffy says:

    Ike taught me that when a bitch is sucking your dick, you punch her hard in the back of her head at the exact time you start cumming, and that makes the bitch swallow. Thanks Ike!

  7. Zasmine says:

    wtf uz talkin bout

  8. BardleyCfan says:

    the jerk u r

  9. avonreptee says:

    Rest in peace Ike! You were loved

  10. MrJeanInnocent says:

    he was alwys an asshole

  11. 56Stiffy says:

    MAYBE, JUST MAYBE… Tina needed her ass kicked!! Just a thought.

  12. Shaunfan1 says:

    They were together for 10 years before they got married. Also, he married two other women after Tina left him. Ike was also married a few times before Tina.

  13. Shaunfan1 says:

    Ike said in his book… “Sure I’ve slapped Tina. I may have even punched her to the ground, but I never beat her.” Me thinks Tina told the absolute truth. Read her book, she holds nothing back.

  14. Shaunfan1 says:

    I read that she tried to kill him a few months before he died. I don’t think she is the type of woman to let a man just hit her.

  15. Shaunfan1 says:

    U know… Ike took Tina to Tijuana Mexico to get married at a Justice of the Peace. It seems like throughout his life, he was trying to recreate things that he share with Tina. I don’t think he did it purposely, but he did it. I think Tina was his one true love. He don’t think he ever got over her.

  16. CherOhkee54 says:

    Yup, that’s Audrey Madison. By the by people, she hooked up with and was living with Ike years before this, uh…. wedding? took place. Even in Vegas Nevada law still applies….anyone notice there isn’t a witness? The chapel must provide one if you don’t bring your own.

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