Joe & Betty Weider’s Wedding

Joe & Betty Weider’s wedding on April 24, 1961 in Las Vegas, Nevada. For more on Betty, go to

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8 Responses for “Joe & Betty Weider’s Wedding”

  1. vaj99 says:

    Joe Weider got rid of bodybuilders link with weightlifting.Bodybuilders turned into pussies cuz of him.

  2. bufbarbnaby says:

    He looks a lot like Hitler.
    He scammed his public , also.

  3. AlexanderMonk says:

    THE FATHER OF BODYBUILDING IS ARTHUR JONES, joe w. exploited poor bodybuilders to build his empire, weider popularized the use of chemicals to enhance body growth, many died because of that, no amount of money equals a human life. By using the weider system without steroids you burn out your life, think, training six days a week 4 hours a day, sometimes twice is an abuse, learn what happened to Bertil Fox (roid rage?) tanx Joe to help people to be in a casquet looking freaky…

  4. bgibb101 says:

    Eugene Sandow started it all – and more people were introduced to bodybuilding by Charles Atlas than anyone else in the 20th century. Joe Weider is an opportunistic rip-off merchant who stole other peoples ideas.

  5. eyedentifeye says:

    then what are you doing watching this?

  6. muscle10freak says:

    Joe is a sleazy **** I will not buy his crap either ! and who cares about there wedding day! they are old hat get rid of it!

  7. nordfleish says:

    Wrong, Bob Hoffmann was. Weider stole Hoffmann’s mailing lists to get started.

  8. shahrazstate says:

    Joe is the father of bodybuilding

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