Katie Price reveals all to GMTV in her first interview since marrying Alex Reid

Katie Price talks candidly to GMTV about her Las Vegas wedding, Peter Andre’s Sky News interview and an upcoming legal battle

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23 Responses for “Katie Price reveals all to GMTV in her first interview since marrying Alex Reid”

  1. gailmccluskey says:

    p.s idiot!!

  2. gailmccluskey says:

    the number 9? she is s thick i thought that this girl had brains!! shes saying that the no 9 was bad luck, didnt pete give her a lovely little family and some good times by saying its unlucky is like saying she regreted ever meeting him and everything that comes with it!! get over it and stop coming out with crap! the marriage is over but she could show some respect he is the kids dad. but she totaly contradicting herself all the time..is she really that thick and cold!!!

  3. meanster100 says:

    what the heck is she famous for exactly? a bit of modeling….. she certainly knows how to milk it doesn’t she????? She is beautiful, gotta give her that…. Milk it baby milk it….. hope she does her bit for charity one day, take the focus off herself and onto those less ‘fortunate’ than herself…..

  4. 1313amie says:

    she is a great person!! she is a great mam i would love to meet my idol

  5. Gravysatan says:

    Ah Yes

  6. chiefthebest says:


  7. andy2u69 says:

    she and her asshole hubby reid will u please fuk of take ure fake tits with you


    She is so fake! Give it up…


  9. armoredtruck1984 says:

    Sence i was born in the month of May ill join Team Price.

  10. TWFAN10 says:

    She’s incredibly hot hot hot (like red peppers!!!!!!!!!)

  11. fizikal2008 says:

    @ChazBiii for the winnnn

  12. darrenpearcethomas says:

    she should not be so rich and famous for getting her tits out and i dont think her kids should be in the media coz its sick let people get on with there lifes.

  13. EsmeBanks says:

    Team Pricey (:

  14. LikesToLaughBros says:

    katie: they get along with alex, hes like there nanny
    interviewer thinks: he dresses like one

  15. MeganMurphyx says:

    Team Price:D

  16. baconguy23 says:


  17. liverdan04 says:

    i dont understand how she is a slag she has had like what 6 famous relationships WOW!
    its not like shes 18!

  18. ChazBiii says:

    Team Andre for the win

  19. mslindsay86 says:

    shes down to earth and a good business woman and mother, everyone wants a peice of her and everyone makes a point out of having there say about her, yet we only see what the cameras want us to! Celebrities lifes? all i can say is im glad im not one!!

  20. liverdan04 says:

    its funny you all hate her so much enough to take the time to write shit on here that she will never see!
    Team Price all the way!

  21. AStickManProductions says:

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  22. kissandmakeupx14 says:

    i love katie and pete 🙂 alex is okay but i dont see what is soo bad about her ?

  23. Msgoddard85 says:


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