Katie Price shows off wedding rings

Glamour model Katie Price flashes her new bling and talks about her Vegas wedding to Alex Reid. Submit your videos at itn.co.uk Follow us on twitter at twitter.com

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23 Responses for “Katie Price shows off wedding rings”

  1. meanster100 says:

    Sell your rings katie!!! Donate the money to those poor starving barsteds in africa katie!! they are hungry!

  2. petralailso says:

    errrrr I’m pretty sure I saw copy of OK magazine with Katie and Alex’s wedding pictures?? so much for keeping it “mysterious”….come on Kate!!! U were always adamant telling the truth and nothing but the truth…just admit it – u love the attention and u WANT your wedding to be THE news…

  3. missamygill says:

    idk what to think about her or her life but that ring, WOW!!

  4. TheMagical555 says:

    shes a dirty slag.

  5. DerrenBrown100 says:

    Yeh she got back with him because he was doing well in BBrother If he got kicked out 1st she wouldnt have got back with him! She just loves the attention.

  6. WelshForLifee93 says:

    they got back together days after!

  7. DerrenBrown100 says:

    Noooo they werent! She broke up with him on live tv you idiot!

  8. shenaysugar says:

    i agree x lol x

  9. shenaysugar says:

    thankyou x same thing i was thinking x

  10. TAXtheAtheist says:

    I’ve never known of this chick. However, if you don’t like this Katie chick, just turn her off. why complain? or does she somehow affect your life?

    Personally, I think she’s pretty yummi, but never known who she is otherwise.

  11. WelshForLifee93 says:

    @DerrenBrown100 They were together before CBB and Engaged since september.. don’t like her don’t watch her SIMPLE!

  12. sweetx2k8 says:

    i hate her. stupid bitch

  13. shenaysugar says:

    lol x

  14. cheeckybutnice says:

    come on itn is this really news!

  15. shenaysugar says:

    Congrats Katie, ya crazy girl lol!!! x

  16. Emunglydoodah64 says:


  17. kingston0708 says:

    what an ugly bitch alex m8 what were you on when you married this tramp?

  18. roxygirlzoey says:


  19. EugeneeTube says:


  20. D34DLYrs says:


  21. shannonm2k9 says:


  22. hamishlike says:


  23. 1234567loading says:


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