Lance Armstrong Returns – Las Vegas Cyclocross

FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: More videos at: The Boss is Back and he’s serious about getting back into his training! Cyclefilm caught a glimpse of the action at Lance Armstrong’s first official race back at the Cross Vegas Cyclocross event. Will it be Armstrong’s 8th Tour de France victory in July’09 or just an extended PR drive for his Livestrong campaign? Includes interview at the end.

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25 Responses for “Lance Armstrong Returns – Las Vegas Cyclocross”

  1. FusionImaging says:

    It’s called elitist roadies, shoving the true crossers (MTB’ers) out.

  2. popeye2cv says:

    That is one poor cyclocross course , Might as well ride around athletics track! What is happing to this sport?

  3. xATAMx says:

    Lance Armstrong is a great American cyclist. Winning the Tour 7 times proves this. He has been tested and re tested and was always CLEAN. He is not the only American competing in cycling yet no other American accomplished what Lance did.

  4. jrod8496 says:

    Everyone hates. Cus hes been to to the top like no one else before.

  5. booogiemann says:

    Well I’m afraid we’ll have to disagree here. It does anger the Euro’s, a few will even admit it. The French don’t like an American winning their race.

    Of course it’s not all Euro’s, and I don’t think they are racist, just arrogant. Enough of them feel that way for this attitude to be readily apparent. There is rivalry within Europe, of course, but more cordial and accepted than interlopers like Lance from America.

  6. NoirMusic says:

    It doesn’t “anger the Euro’s”. You are missing a lot of information in your view point. 1 – You think that it is American/Lance winning that is pissing off everyone in Europe. Did the French go after the Spanish? The Dutch? The Belgium? No. Why is it stars like Indurain can win, capture the French/european imagination and not get harassed? Do you really think that everyone in Europe is a racist who hates Americans?

  7. booogiemann says:

    Wheter he is virutous is subject to opinion, but nobody has done/given more to charity in Cycling today, for what it’s worth.

    Clearly the French have it out for Lance, this latest headline deomnstrates that. Lance draws the most criticism from the Euro’s because he’s been the face of their sport for 7 years, anything he does is scrutinized, do you agree?? No other rider captures as much visibility nor ire.

    Innocent until proven guilty rules the day, and it angers the Euro’s

  8. NoirMusic says:

    Have you ever actually talked to cyclist from Europe? Or read the stories….or do you just hear the Fox news version of the evil French/Irish/German/Italian/Czech/British people picking on poor Lance? The “they can’t prove it” shtick isn’t enough… they could prove murder etc against Al Capone either…. doesn’t make him a good guy. Show me something, anything, that you think proves he’s straight up good, clean and virtuous…! Anything…

  9. booogiemann says:

    Anyway, reconsider you view on Lance. He’s a great story and a tough Texan. The accusations have built up over the years and the Euro media has always been against him. Lance fights back !! GO LANCE!!

  10. booogiemann says:

    Well we’ll have to disagree. I think the guy is a great Cyclist and an American Hero. The Franch are there to antagonize Lance, this latest dispute… threats to disbar him from this year’s TDF .. is a great example. I just think Lance doesn’t always put up with their bullsh*t, sometimes he calls the Media/French/Euro’s on their lies and they can’t take it, aren’t used to it.

  11. NoirMusic says:

    cont- Beyond that every time someone calls him on it his attitude is horrible. Watch interviews with him in Europe and they ask a question that isn’t “Why are you so awesome” and he has a nervous breakdown. His doping, and others, was called the “cancer” of cycling and he went on a tirade about making fun of cancer patients was evil. It’s sad that he is the closest thing to a hero American cyclists have….

  12. NoirMusic says:

    First I am an American, and always will be, so this isn’t a lack of patriotism. However, this isn’t jealousy. That is a very narrow, American, and only American, view of it. Irish guys, who don’t have any love of the French, mock Armstrong, Italians, Spanish, Russians. LEquipe allegations are widely believed by everyone but Americans. 1999 Armstrong wasn’t suspended in spite of the fact that he refused to follow the rules given to everyone in the sport in regards to observation.

  13. booogiemann says:

    The French in particular have shown an extreme lack of class in relation to Lance. It’s like they just hate the fact that an American won their big race 7 times straight, while French riders have won few if races for over a decade.

    Really, the accusations over the years have built up, but nothing has stuck, he’s never been suspended. People are tired of Lance and some other riders. It’s really still a European sport, much higher profile over there.

  14. booogiemann says:

    I’m afraid you’ll have to source the claim that Lance tested positive in 2005. Had he done so, he would have been stripped of his TDF title.

    I’ve been on a lot of cycling forums the past few months due to Lance’s comeback. The topic of Lance and doping comes up all the time. Thus far, people who’ve followed the sport far longer than you and I have yet to come up with but one positive test result … excess Cortisone.

    Europeans have a jealous distaste for Lance, quite sad.

  15. NoirMusic says:

    Sorry year was wrong….2005…source..every major media outlet in the world carried the story. Google it. 1999 was different.

    I gotta say that Lance Armstrong was why I started really getting into riding (beyond casual interest) and so to come in after the fact and read all this stuff was incredibly hurtful. What’s sad is that the US press gives him the benefit of the doubt, having lived abroad the past 5 years it was a shock to learn that most Europeans and Canadians consider him a joke.

  16. booogiemann says:

    Steroids are different, more powerful, and more dangerous than what cyclists have been taking the past decade or so … EPO and Blood Doping do not cause cancer.

    What’s your source for Lance testing positive?? … had he tested positive why was he not thrown out of the 99′ Tour and then banned for a year or 2?? I’m willing to listen, but as far as I’ve read, Lance only ever tested positive for Cortisone, and he had a prescription for it.

  17. NoirMusic says:

    1999, Tour de France, 6 samples show positive. Never test positive? As far as testicular cancer long term use of most steroids is a major cause….

  18. booogiemann says:

    Ugh, what doping type are you talking about?? EPO?? Blood doping?? Neither increase the risk of cancer, what are you talking about … Geez … dude may have done EPO but was never actually busted, never tested positive …

  19. NoirMusic says:

    Anyone find it ironic that the doping he’s been accused of has the long-term use side effect of causing testicular cancer…. Talk about your chickens coming home to roost….

  20. resinity says:

    great video! lance is number 1!

  21. HDSmuzik says:

    Very cool film! Thx

  22. rancherodave says:

    I agree with everything you said, he is quite the athlete, and I think many people are jelous of him.

  23. HSblackbird says:

    i hate when people talk shit about him. he has overcome so much and is such a wonderful athlete. he deserves everything he has accomplished.

  24. formeliandialogue says:

    It’s so great to see Lance going back to professional cycling this year. I really hope he wins the Tour De France this year. Still he’s got a lot of tough competition, but the great thing about Lance is that he is clean and tries different types of cycling and does cross-trg such as running. How long was the Vegas cyclocross course?

  25. mustardjunkie says:

    Pharmstrong’s cow blood IV’s, human packed blood slamming 30 minutes before the start of stages; and his empty denials were not missed.

    Now they return, and perhaps the 6,7 watts per kilo freak show of discrace does too?

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