Las Vegas

California travel expert Veronica Hill of offers a Las Vegas guide in this episode of “California Travel Tips.” Hosting almost 37 million visitors per year (26 percent from Southern California), Las Vegas is one of America’s top destinations. With an…

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23 Responses for “Las Vegas”

  1. CaliforniaTravelTips says:

    @mrlego611 I don’t think it was. Just a dancer.

  2. CaliforniaTravelTips says:

    @VHandJMfan Thanks for the nice comment! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. CaliforniaTravelTips says:

    @subjoy1 I know, but we were only there a couple days. It was difficult to get everything! ๐Ÿ™‚ V

  4. subjoy1 says:

    good video, only exception is there wasn’t enough coverage of the freemont special effects at the ceiling top

  5. mrlego611 says:

    0:19 to 0:20 was that Lady Gaga?

  6. VHandJMfan says:

    Thank you for bringing back so many happy memories of Vegas.

  7. CaliforniaTravelTips says:

    @OS253 Absolutely!

  8. OS253 says:

    Las Vegas is the City of Lights? That means they use a lot of electricity to light up the desert. That’s not good for the earth. Oh well, life is about having fun!

  9. TheDISNEY365 says:

    hey didnt u have ur own show!?

  10. CaliforniaTravelTips says:

    @c2thew Yes, it was difficult. No tripods were allowed in the casino. Normally we use a tripod 100 percent of the time…

  11. c2thew says:

    nice video footage

    you should look into the mini steadicam system to practically eliminate camera shake. nice work

  12. myreview says:

    Was that Tommy’s? Man I love that place! I think I still have some of Tommy’s chili stuck to my gut from a 1998 visit.

  13. atyxyt says:

    i went there to vist my uncle

  14. CaliforniaTravelTips says:

    @billnyethe1742 You’re welcome! I’m going to post a separate video on Las Vegas Pools and Las Vegas Attractions next week.

  15. CaliforniaTravelTips says:

    @linuxjvm Thanks! We have a few San Francisco videos on Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge. Hawaii is coming soon!

  16. CaliforniaTravelTips says:

    @eaglevp Thanks! We use a Canon HV30 and Final Cut editing software.

  17. CaliforniaTravelTips says:

    @MyLife30001 All three are great choices!

  18. CaliforniaTravelTips says:

    @robloxperson23 Almost 30 percent of the visitors to Las Vegas are from California. It’s a huge destination for us Southlanders. ๐Ÿ™‚ V

  19. MyLife30001 says:

    I was thinking for spring break Las vegas Palm Springs or San diego

  20. robloxperson23 says:

    CaliforniaTravelTips is Las Vegas?

  21. eaglevp says:

    Great job look forward to seeing all your work,what camera do you use,also what editing software.

  22. linuxjvm says:

    Good job guys, I am subscribed. Here are some of the locations I’d like to see some tips on (if you guys take requests)

    1- Alaska
    2- San Francisco
    3- Any kind of ski resort
    4- Hawaii

    Again good job and keep it coming

  23. billnyethe1742 says:

    Wow thank you for this I am planing to go to Las Vegas this summer ๐Ÿ™‚ ur travel tips really helped me out thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

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