Las Vegas 777 Wedding Disaster

Lucky Wedding Date Not So Lucky

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3 Responses for “Las Vegas 777 Wedding Disaster”

  1. CityofDreadfulDelite says:

    This is really bad. And it’s just inexcusable that all the wedding chapel people had to offer were EXCUSES. ( I know it’s Vegas and it’s blazing hot in the summer… but all 3 of her limo drivers were suffering heat exhaustion simultaneously? Yeah, right)
    Regardless of the complications, it’s just beyond unacceptable for the owners to not be doing everything in their power to make these *pre-arranged* weddings a success.
    I hope the marriages have turned out better than the weddings…

  2. tmmaston says:

    and this was my mothers THIRD marriage and she just had to pick this day.

  3. tmmaston says:

    OMG!! I had to face that hell on my moms wedding day which was july 7th 2007 and I had to wait 3 hours in the nevada heat in that mess.

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