Las Vegas Cast Molly Sims, Josh Duhamel, Vanessa Marcil Reunite hit the red carpet for the Friends of El Faro event hosted by Las Vegas star Molly Sims. The event brought out her co-stars Molly Sims, Josh Duhamel, Vanessa Marcil, Kristen Bell, Leslie Bibb, CSI star Eva La Rue, Kevin Connolly, Justin Chatwin among others. The organizations goal is to enhance the quality of life for Tijuana’s children all by providing simple necessities such as food, shelter, and basic schooling. Check out our interviews with your favorite stars, interviews done by Chelsea Cannell.

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25 Responses for “Las Vegas Cast Molly Sims, Josh Duhamel, Vanessa Marcil Reunite”

  1. mokachyna22 says:

    @taylorhohmann Las Vegas was such a great show and I blame NBC for not promoting it well…That show should never have been canceled…it wasn’t time.

  2. MzKing113 says:

    I was getting into the show, by watching it on TNT.. but leaving the show w/o any kind of ending, as to what happen to the baby.. any marriages.. who end with owning the Monticeto.. Ed Deline.. and Cooper.. I liked both Ed and Cooper. The show needs another season or a final episode.. bring it back!!!

  3. Sanfthauch says:


  4. MelodicMetalBoy says:

    BRING BACK LAS VEGAS! I fucking miss that show

  5. xxpattytech says:


  6. slafkec says:

    take it away and bring it back again mr. scientist

  7. Hoolyhead says:

    BRING IT BACK!!!!4444iiiii

  8. Medvesajt says:

    bring Las Vegas back motherf.ckers

  9. FGcal says:

    Bring Las Vegas Seasons 6

  10. defaultytuser says:

    BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. ShowTime2703 says:

    Molly rules

  12. WestCoastler says:

    yeah bring LAS VEGAS BACK!!!!!

  13. taylorhohmann says:


  14. juntalz121 says:

    DAMN Chelsea is Smokin Hot!

  15. choseGODfirst says:

    Now I’ll go home and change.

  16. jewjube69 says:


  17. Blink182TD says:

    i jizzed in my pants

  18. valouthegreatest says:

    I miss Las Vegas

  19. ilovetfc says:

    Delinda Deline, Danny McCoy, and Sam Marquez!!

  20. pchackal says:

    No offense but I think so too.
    Just watched the Jizz in My Pants HD version,
    her frontal bone over her eyes always makes me think she is a he.

  21. brian77764 says:

    molly u look like a dude!

  22. theGREATcoolio says:

    she STILL is beautiful, and its hard to see her face to judge. too dark. cant wait till her next project!!!

  23. mimisha24 says:

    dayum i think vanessa marcil has messed her face..what a shame..she was soooo beautiful….

  24. ash121804 says:

    Read on if you consider yourself brave:

    As of now if you stop reading it does you no good even this line bears the same consequence.
    I wish the death of a family member. I curse myself. The number five counteracts the curse. Someone that I love will die in twenty-four hours unless I repost this letter 5 times. If I fail to do so the curse is on me and only I am to blame

  25. Skipbeatskipper says:

    Justin <3 🙂

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