Las Vegas Gothic Wedding

Amanda and Michael get married by the Grim Reaper in this amazing wedding performed by the staff at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel.

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9 Responses for “Las Vegas Gothic Wedding”

  1. reeperjack says:

    this is NOT gothic…its

  2. felina86ca says:

    U do hu?

  3. vampyresavior13 says:

    a vial of blood is a small container filled with blood. my girlfriend and i have already exchanged each others blood. i think drinking the vials of blood would be way more interesting though it might gross out my family that would be there.

  4. cutebabexxx says:

    wot r viles of blood? repley pls someone

  5. RockOnx94 says:

    OMG Gothic Weddings are so interesting!
    I wanna have a gothic wedding when I get married

  6. km20081985 says:

    ok that was a boring wedding :S at least mine will b better ima doin it goth style! lol im getting married in a grave yard all in black n white ohhhh so pretty but like the idea of blood mayb drink it? hmmmmmm

  7. Ellie37713 says:

    Cool wedding :]

    Boring couple :/

  8. felina86ca says:

    that is so awesome!! I am having a goth wedding too with my gringo!! (i am latina)

  9. Nidodork says:

    that was an awesome wedding

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