Las Vegas- Las Vegas Travel-Travel Video PostCard™ Las Vegas, where dreams come true or get dashed. Slot machines turn, bets are placed, Elvis impersonators sing and more people get married in a day than anywhere else. Las Vegas in this Travel Video PostCard™ comes to life!The gamblers hold their breaths… Welcome to Las Vegas Where the lights never go out…where dreams are made…and broken But never die There’s always a song and a dance here in Las Vegas Always a club with fantasy for sale My favorite is the …

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4 Responses for “Las Vegas- Las Vegas Travel-Travel Video PostCard™”

  1. travelvideo says:

    You should go! Why not see for yourself. Thanks for writing and watch our other TVPs

  2. denny906 says:

    I haven’t been to Vegas in years. I heard that Downtown Vegas now has a roof to protect gamblers from the hot Vegas sun.

  3. travelvideo says:


  4. alester96 says:

    good video

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