Las Vegas Spoof on Wedding Advice – Tie The Knot Films

This funny short film is spoof on wedding advice. Directed by Mike Vincent owner of tie the knot films. The Zomicks did not want to do a regular love story so we did this spoof on wedding advice. Some of the advice is from real couples but most of the advice is from made up characters using the couple themselves. The Zommicks had a lot to do with the ideas and script wrighting, the only client Mike has ever had to put in any real creative feedback. I hope you enjoy this unusual and funny video….

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5 Responses for “Las Vegas Spoof on Wedding Advice – Tie The Knot Films”

  1. x0xoLIZZYx0xo says:

    Hi amanda and Jason..
    Your baby is soo cute.. We are coming to your party in Las Vegas. Can’t wait!!!
    It is going to be AWESOME.. magician, live music, and a pool!!! I’m soo there!!!

  2. jcninja7 says:

    You guys are funny….

  3. porschechris123 says:

    I think Zommick has too much free time on his hands. Mcbeath needs to crack the whip on his ass so he will book more cases ( no medicare please). Is Rachael available? She’s HOT.

  4. mushmushm says:

    OMG!!!! That was so hilarious!!! I cant wait to see your next film. I bet everything you do is extremely entertaining!!! I am already one of your biggest fans. Hurry up on your next edit OK!!

  5. filmwiz says:

    This is a really fun video to watch. I bet the couple was fun to work with as well. Very cool.. and I hope to see more.

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