Le Reve Dragone Wynn Las Vegas video

Released by Dragone in 2005 for the Wynn Las Vegas aquatic spectacular. I compiled this from press materials and soundtrack CD samples, added the opening and end credits, etc.

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25 Responses for “Le Reve Dragone Wynn Las Vegas video”

  1. jenrog74 says:

    I caught a flower at the end of the show on Thursday….what an amazing show……very touching….I highly recommend you go see it if you’re in Vegas! :O)

  2. oseanairforce says:

    I saw this on christmas ,and one of the cast huged mu dad duing the preforance! It was unforgetable.

  3. SteveSparx says:

    saw it 2006 got wet Best Show Production ever

  4. zomthedead says:

    saw it a year ago really cool when the guy was ontop the other guy lol he was doing the same exact moves so hard to learn lol..

  5. garygreenbaum says:

    My niece, Becca Greenbaum, is a new member of the cast. I am so proud of her!

  6. coolhandgio69 says:

    hey whats up… its giovanni from school

  7. gurysmart says:

    I was actullay here with my family at wynn hotel!!!!!!People i highly recommend ya’ll to watch it if le reve performances again……………It’s very cool and touching ya’ll!! ♥ 🙂

  8. lFlash4 says:

    I saw this Saturday… I’m so shaving my head!

  9. GCismyFhero says:

    when saw them my mouth was open most of the time.

  10. xasiankeaix says:

    I saw this show last night. It was AMAZING !!!

  11. MumpyUrsulaPatunia says:

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  12. genocyber1987 says:

    I’d love to see this in person.I love the Red Men dance

  13. Eleclyn says:

    The tango dancers were also added to replace one of the clown acts that was in the show for a long time (this was told to me by a member of the crew of the show). Given the fact that the Le Reve dancers will actually be appearing on Dancing with the Stars next week, you are probably right.

  14. sammasseur says:

    I was in Vegas when Cavalia was at the Rio. I wanted to go but was unable. They had a tent in front of Caesars Palace showing 3-d clips from the show. I got a flyer and ended up buying the CD soundtrack. Very nice.

  15. saturnhexagon says:

    If the Show ever comes back to Vegas, and I hope it does, see Cavalia. I saw it at the Rio, loved it!

  16. Bayley2299 says:

    Great video i saw wintuk compared to this wintuk was retarted

  17. IsabellaIvy says:

    I would suggest hurrying to see Love. It is rumored to be closing sometime in the near future

  18. greggo246 says:

    baahaha mate u no nothing ay ……… dont judge a book by its cover …… title has got nothing to do with the performances and plus dragone has done cirque shows

  19. sammasseur says:

    Yes, Mystere is by Franco. I saw LOVE last July and it was incredible. Will be seeing it again in two weeks.

  20. asaraullo05 says:

    Was the show “Mystere” also created by Franco Dragone?

    I would like to see that “show” and also “The Beatles:Love”.

  21. manesh13metrov says:

    Fantastic!!! Dragone is the best Producer. The best shows that Cirque du Soleil have are all by Franco Dragone. He is the talant!!!! Love all his work!!!

  22. cirque144 says:

    What are you talking about. The show has no story what so ever except that the show means dream and that the show is a mix of dreams together which just makes it a mess. At least at cirque there is a story line. Here it’s just a mess of dreams or nightmares.

  23. afghanhound says:

    the show is called “The Dream” Dreams are all over the place. As such, this show makes a LOT more sense to me than “O” does or any Cirque show other than KA which has a linear story.

  24. afghanhound says:

    it absolutely is NOT

  25. ashleysmallman1 says:

    this show was really cool, i wish i was older when i went to see it though

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