Lee and Karissa wedding

Lee and Karissa’s wedding in las vegas

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12 Responses for “Lee and Karissa wedding”

  1. dedejmc says:

    God bless you guys!!

  2. morbie5 says:

    Maybe their child will grow up to be president, haha.

  3. Danflation says:

    Nigger lover!

  4. lordcimek says:

    Very lovely…
    Am thinking that the big guy beside the groom could be their son.

  5. Texas903G says:

    People stop with the racial thing thats a grown MAN and a grown WOMAN.

  6. Texas903G says:


  7. mwezi1983 says:

    romantic …. am touched!

  8. MysteriousButterly says:

    AHHH how cute!!! really nice wedding!!

  9. chipiegurl says:

    Congrats you guy’s, dont listen to the ignorant people , it’s your life and you’re the captains of it, enjoy it. Together with many who know that we’re all the same despite colour, race or ethnic and hold your heads high!!!!!!

  10. Danflation says:

    race traitor!

  11. krzysztofek123 says:

    white hooker…

  12. rojovanna says:

    ohhhhh this is perfect….those words are very very touching….wish you guys a happy happy marriage …..so emotional ahhh

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