Lily and Daniel in motel room in Vegas before their wedding

Lily and Daniel are in a motel room in Las Vegas before thier wedding. Daniel has just come back from a store where he’s bought Lily a wedding dress.

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21 Responses for “Lily and Daniel in motel room in Vegas before their wedding”

  1. amylh322 says:

    This actress seems a more logical choice too – she’s actually African-American! The current Lilly is a good actress, but it does distract me that she looks to be of a whole different ethnicity. Oh well- soaps! What’re you gonna do?

  2. thimblesandkisses says:


  3. Paulee11 says:

    I agree these two have more chemistry, and I can’t believe someone said this girl is ugly. Ugly to me means repulsive, don’t really see anything about her that is repulsive.

  4. alyssagarivo07 says:

    i like da other lily

  5. brittanymoniquemurra says:

    christel khalil

  6. dwest1075 says:

    shit that actress is UGLY. Iam glad the old lily is back

  7. lovelyBmysterieB says:

    they have way more chemistry than him with the other lily

  8. jamjust8187 says:

    best couple i wish davetta stayed… daniel and lily shuddddd be together!!!

  9. babygirl4949 says:

    i liked her as lily better

  10. MichaelGandDavettaS says:

    No this is Davetta Sherwood and she is for many the ONE and ONLY REAL Lily. She replaced the original in 2006 and really made the role her own. Her leaving caused a huge upset and changed the dynamic of the pairing since. She is still missed and so is this wonderfully beautiful pairing that Davetta and Michael created together.

  11. challiya10 says:

    is it the same girl that’s in the other episodes cuz they look different

  12. stylequeen1987 says:

    that’s so true . we lose mini dru and then the real thing. I miss them both.

  13. silentsophi says:

    this actress makes me want to watch this soap again!

  14. Meluvva87 says:

    I think Michael gets lost in Davetta’s looks sometimes and it ends up looking like they’ve just met! He really does stare at her…lol…

  15. shaniali says:

    the show is the young and the restless and the couple is Lily and Daniel Romalotti

  16. rainEdays says:


  17. rainEdays says:

    omg how cute is that, i dont even know this soap, idont even know these people, lol, but that is so cute

  18. avereemom says:

    He is a cutie..He can replace my husband jk…

  19. MichaelGandDavettaS says:

    Aww, I miss Michael and Davetta as Daniel and Lily SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! We still miss and love our Davetta as Lily. First we lose Mini Dru and then Dru. Daniel had a fiesty and believable spitfire in Davetta’s Lily. Just like her mama Dru.

  20. BeckzFan07 says:

    aww hes adorable and oh so sweet.

  21. jojob0925 says:

    awww 2 cute, u could c Michael’s boxers – i love it!

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