Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon celebrated their first anniversary in Las Vegas. … entertainment news mariah carey nick cannon anniversary wedding married “I Stay In Love” “We Belong Together” “Touch My Body” “My All” Hero music video new musica nueva “nick cannon” “mariah carey” obsessed

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19 Responses for “Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon”

  1. countdredd says:

    uugghh… These people make me wanna throw up!

    Make way for EM bitches!

  2. MyJoey90 says:

    so do not suit each other

  3. marksman714 says:

    learn to write properly, if you represent Mariah, at least do it right,

  4. 11hehe111 says:

    they are a werrid couple like jeez isnt she like 40

  5. KrazeyLinda says:

    actually mariah started it so…

  6. MurderFace5713 says:

    eminem makes more money than them both so

  7. kakisha says:


  8. XoxoLolStar says:

    Why should Eminem be jealous. he could get any girl in the world if he wanted to.

  9. 4zn4ngelz says:

    eminem is just jealous becuz nick won mariah’s heart so hes dissin nick and now they are trying to diss each other no need for jealousy to get in the way em go find a new woman!

  10. KoreanCartoon says:

    They should’nt mess with eminem.
    Like seriously, he could kill you :/
    Well, not litterally.

  11. JusJuiceIt says:

    the warning… yeeeee lol

  12. 360K360 says:

    EMINEM ROCKS, and they both suck ass… he owns them

  13. karlthekoolkid says:

    look at my video the warning its good because i edited it so look at my video the warning comment and rate give me your opinion

  14. gibbsi92 says:

    fkin losers


  15. MichaelSexiJackson says:

    mc and nick r going to divorce in like a few months they got married after dating for 3months wtf?? 3 stupid months

  16. IamNIgga1 says:

    HEY MDawgs12, MY NIGGA. uzz FROM DOUN under. HIT A Nigga UP. WHATS up wit “MATE” SHIT U SOUNDIN GOOFY on THAT shIT. BUT THAT OK Becuz U NOT FROM THA HOOD. i got sum MUSIC I WANT TAH get out DOUN there.

  17. IamNIgga1 says:

    YEAH even Goofy WHITE FOLKES from DOUN under knoe M&M iz tha shit. BUT uzz need tah STOP SAYIN -MATE- thAT shit sound GOOFY.

  18. xcsd88fkr says:

    how do u know that ? loool dd u fight by his side or did u c nick fight?

  19. xcsd88fkr says:

    ur such a dumb bitch ppl like u make black ppl look bad

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