Matt & Laurie’s First Wedding Dance videotaped by Shaw Productions Las Vegas

Shaw Productions Inc. Las Vegas presents A Perfect Wedding Dance. Dance instructor Kim Sakren

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9 Responses for “Matt & Laurie’s First Wedding Dance videotaped by Shaw Productions Las Vegas”

  1. nvdobson says:

    Nice dance! Great video!

  2. sueala04 says:

    You guys made me cry.Congrats.

  3. chiefone702 says:

    I never knew you could shakeee itttt!!

  4. PippinsEllehcim says:

    Mr. N! That was amazing!!

    Congratulations to both of you. 🙂

  5. Johnnyandow says:

    get it mr. nighswonger!!!
    U THE MAN!!!

  6. tayl342619 says:

    oh my gosh. go mr. nighswonger!

  7. ab194905 says:

    great video.. and congrats

  8. 36ty36 says:

    Way to go Shrek and Feona!!!! I never saw it coming. You guys are a great couple and terrific friends. Lots of fun! From Donkey

  9. chadroberts99 says:

    That was FANTASTIC, I’ve never seen anything like it! You two are a beautiful couple. That must have taken months and months of preparation. The videography was very professional, I noticed several camera angles and smooth transitions. Congratulations Matt and Laurie!

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