Miguel Cotto vs Manny Pacquiao is All Set for November Showdown!

and welterweight titleholder Miguel Cotto. Pacquiao and Cotto, two of boxing’s most popular and crowd-pleasing fighters, will meet at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Nov. 14 (HBO PPV), Top Rank promoter Bob Arum told ESPN.com on Monday. “It’s done,” said Arum, who was back at work in his Las Vegas office after a vacation in London and Italy and attending a wedding in Israel. “While I was away I reached a verbal agreement with each side. Pacquiao committed to the fight this weekend and Cotto …

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20 Responses for “Miguel Cotto vs Manny Pacquiao is All Set for November Showdown!”

  1. JUHN07 says:

    i dont say manny gonna win this fight , im just pray for manny fight because this is not a rematch fight ever

  2. superfilipino says:

    Manny Pacquiao will knock out cotto i promise you that

  3. Zimnes312 says:

    if pacquiao wanted to fight for a belt he should of made the fight at 147 which freddy roach said he can make easly and be good. so why didnt he do that?

  4. Zimnes312 says:

    thats the point, 140-147 lbs, why cant cotto fight at his weight at 147 where he been for yrs.if he is FORCE to drop weight to keep the fight alive is stupid.

  5. G0dification says:

    @Zimnes312 – What kind of bullshit are you talking about? Welterweight is between 140-147lbs. and 145lbs means that they’re still within welterweight division despite being a catchweight at the same time. ODLH fought Bhop for his belt at catchweight right? Pac is the #1 contender for Cotto’s belt and according to WBO rules, Cotto will have to defend his title in order to retain his belt. It doesn’t make any sense at all if he losses the belt this way when he could have defended it.

  6. esco42085 says:

    pacquiao will take cottos soul on nov 4th.

    SHIP IT!!!!!

  7. Zimnes312 says:

    who course this aint a title fight. manny doesnt want to fight at the welter weight limit of 147. also who care about de la hoyas title he is a paper champ who couldnt win the big fights.

  8. studplayrico says:

    Very true indeed. Both fighters are great but one is faster (Pacquiao) and one is more technically sound. (Cotto)

  9. chapple37 says:

    even if he does get 7 weight classes his title from flyweight to welter arent as difficults going from lightweight to superfeatherweight throught jr middle

  10. triskeles0130 says:

    PACQUIAO! retard!

  11. gilljel says:

    this is a non title FIGHT!!!



    Manny will make some HISTORY!! BYEBYE OSCAR DELA HOYA! but you still a loner at 6weight title, but MANNY is ahead with you at 7weight title


  12. leonitodl says:


  13. 1018Junior says:

    dont get to dick happy fool
    i see pacman havin advantage in speed but cotto has advantage in timing & power
    if pacman can get cotto to trade putasos…then we are seein another loss for cotto. but if cotto can keep pacman off his flurries then we see cotto winning the fight by decision

  14. studplayrico says:

    50/50 chance. One round KO by Pacman? Get real Pacman is not fighting Hatton. Cotto is a very good boxer that has great timing and jab, those are the tools to beat Pacquiao. Pacquiao has a tremendous punch but seems to get out of balance trying to connect. (Marquez fight).

  15. combodirtroad says:

    Win or loose i cant wait to c this fight. it will b so much better than gayweather fight wit marques. watch how mAny people like to c dis fight better than mayweather also.

  16. whitezer24 says:

    anybody know if there will be a 24/7 programme for this fight??

  17. G0dification says:

    The way i see it, if Pac can last against Cotto’s powershots in 3-4 rounds…he’ll pick Cotto apart from rounds 5-12 or KO him by 9-10 either via TKO or KO. Both Cotto and Pac start fast in the fight but the difference is, Cotto tames down as the fight goes on while Pac either keeps up the pace or steps on the pedal some more if he smells a hint of blood. I give Cotto the window of opportunity for 3-4rounds, if he can’t dispose Pac within those rounds, he’s in big trouble.

  18. OZIASALLAH says:

    I love manny but dont be too shocked if Cotto K.o’s him within 5 anything over 5 cotto will be a bloody mess my opinion

  19. royjones786 says:

    go on pacquiao knock his ass out cant wait for it

  20. gamedog32 says:

    I think either way it worked out the best the winners could face each other in the ritches boxing fight in history. manny vs cotto is a big risk for manny. whos my favorite boxer ! IM from P.R too so im not gona bet on this one ! just watch and learn !

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