My Las Vegas Experience: Pt. 2 [The Wedding]

I’ll update this later.

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13 Responses for “My Las Vegas Experience: Pt. 2 [The Wedding]”

  1. ikickarseforthelord says:

    Oh it was!! The reception was a lot of fun too! I’m not sure what the name of the songs are now, I typed in instrumentals on my frostwire and randomly chose two, hehe.

  2. HaleyMary says:

    Looks like it was a beautiful ceremony. I like the choice of music used for the video. What is the title of the song?

  3. ikickarseforthelord says:

    Thank you!

  4. RonBudda6669 says:

    look like vary prety wedding. I like music you pick for the video.

  5. ikickarseforthelord says:

    I’ll post pictures of the fountains in a couple of days so that you can check them out. I’ll have to hit up Fremont St. the next time I go!

  6. jellybean4501 says:

    I have a few pics on one of my vids. They do the big light show in the sky, tons of shops and older casinos, live music etc. It’s a lot of fun!

  7. ikickarseforthelord says:

    Nope, what all is down that way?

  8. jellybean4501 says:

    Oh heck, I never even saw the fountains yet and I live here! LOL I hear they are really nice. Did you get to go to Fremont Street?

  9. ikickarseforthelord says:

    Our friends that got married let us come up to their suite and we got to view the fountain show from up above, it was really neat!

  10. ikickarseforthelord says:

    Yeah it’s really nice!

  11. jellybean4501 says:

    Oh I love the Bellagio! One of my favorite Hotels, I love their botanical gardens. 🙂

  12. ikickarseforthelord says:

    In the Bellagio and the reception was in one of the Da Vinci ballrooms.

  13. jellybean4501 says:

    Very pretty, where was the wedding?

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