New bride Katie Price tells GMTV that rumours that her marriage is in crisis are a joke

Newlywed Katie Price described reports that her relationship with husband Alex Reid was already on the rocks as a “joke” on GMTV. The 31-year-old mother of three also said she and Alex were trying for children

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25 Responses for “New bride Katie Price tells GMTV that rumours that her marriage is in crisis are a joke”

  1. calidacela says:

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  2. korecalhaun says:

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  3. cnovacek says:

    katie your doing a good job with your kids and your a better person because your trying to moving on not like peter

  4. InterfearingOldBag says:

    BLOODY HELL A TALKING DOG ON GMTV hee hee hee whatever next! I am all for Peter though! I do my best for suporting the gays hee hee hee

  5. AJSwisgirl says:

    won’t last long! hehe

  6. jennygadsby says:


  7. baznhel says:

    She obviously knos what shes doing and she does alright for herself. If it wasnt for public interesr, where would she be now?????

  8. TheCobraUK says:

    a msg for all the “you must like her to watch her freaks” I choose to watch this (ho) because I loath her and I just hope in a small glimmer that one day I shall be watching her when her time comes!

  9. MrZaph says:

    yuck begone witch!

  10. Wook5ter says:

    She is a terrible role model for all young girls. I cannot stand her.


    Her chest is DISGUSTING – false and symbolic of her character.

  11. Cherrylisa88 says:

    NOBODY knows what goes on behind closed doors and she gotta interest u or u wouldnt watch videos of her

  12. metwurst1969 says:

    Great Video..

  13. pojnoodle says:

    i think katie is a oppinunated spolit person. she shouldnt of married alex staraight after because the public will think wrong. i think she just mrried alex becuase he wo big brother and all the money came in. i think katie hurt peter so much and it showd on katie and peter next chapter, that she said she makes more money then peter. i think what katie did to princess was dirty because there ar dirty people out there thatt like ot look at that ! its horrible she is only a young girl. mad katie

  14. angeldubh says:

    @Cherrylisa88 “Movin on..”At warp speed!!!She divorced “the love of her life” /father of her latest 2 children in Oct/Nov,dumped the cross dresser that she paraded like a dog to promote herself live on telly when she left the jungle,married him after he gained nationwide popularity on CBB…..her poor kids are going to need YRS of counselling to regain some prospective on life.Seriously if anyone is jealous of Jordan/Katie Price they need to seek professional help….FAST.

  15. manutdsalfordreds says:

    No 1’s jelous of a slag.She’s a bad role model for young girls she’s a cock hungry slag she’s everything thats wrong with alot of british women today another slut thats keeps open her legs and gonna have a kid to ANOTHER MAN.she’s a whore

  16. Cherrylisa88 says:

    She hasn’t done anything wrong people are jelous that she is so successful and if you dislike her that much why are you even watchin video’s off her sad ppl she must interest u!!
    i like the woman and good on her for movin on with her life xx TEAM PRICEY!!!

  17. n8813714 says:

    Very true her and that Katona Slag came out of the same mould, both sell there heartbreaking story for 10 pieces of silver, the modern day equalivant of Judas…

    Leave them to it, I feel sorry for the kids, Opps yet another uncle for tea…

    Her Lady purse is the size of my wheely bin.. more traffic than the blackwall tunnel…

  18. toffctoz says:

    @n8813714 Yeah! I’m not surprised that she’ll end up having a Hello Mag exclusive ‘eating disorder’ and maybe a trip or two to the Priory Clinic for some ‘rehab’ and more Hello Mag exclusives also.

    Thats the usual bog standard celeb bollocks they normally come out with!

  19. n8813714 says:

    If we all stopped talking about her, she’d shrivel up and die……. Publicity is her lifeblood

  20. n8813714 says:

    If we all stopped talking about her, she would shrivel up and die. Publicity Seeking Self Pontificating Prick..

    Good luck to Her Hubby the Crossdressing Cage Fighter, coz when it all goes tits up, she’ll sell her “Heart” Break to the papers and get another losely termed TV series out of it..

  21. coliecolie110 says:

    lying slut

  22. manutdsalfordreds says:

    Alex reid and peter andre dint haha she one of them girls do you manly deeds on her and then ITS SEE YOU LATER

  23. T0NYNASRI says:

    Thick as shit son. there for being plundered. everyone knows Jordan

  24. manutdsalfordreds says:

    so would i nas but you would’nt go out with it.Its just there for a fuck nas lad lol

  25. MegaMrBigCock says:

    She likes to be raped. It’s true she came to somalia on National Raping day and joined in with the raping activities.

    In other news i have a MASSIVE big cock……

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