No Fear and Loving in Las Vegas

My best pal and fiance’ Tony give me a call and invite me to their wedding 24 hours later in Vegas. They had a special request I couldn’t refuse. Love you guys.

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25 Responses for “No Fear and Loving in Las Vegas”

  1. stu106 says:

    Such a hottie

  2. vick68ce says:


  3. AishaBeLLA says:

    your moonwalk rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    we should deffintely have a walk-off.

  4. sandieblack says:

    Hola chica, check out the response video above, I’m singing an Elvis song there- something about blue balls. It’s quite touching.

  5. dancegypsy says:

    Do you still have the outfit, or was it a rental? You definitely should post a cover of Jailhouse Rock. Or, Love Me Tender. Or, shoot, anything. What an invitation. I can see it was an offer you couldn’t refuse. Please show up and impersonate Elvis for our wedding. ROFL

  6. romanrojasmedia says:

    jajajajajajajajajaja!!!! tu si estas tostada! jajajajajajaja!!!

  7. nHisImage says:

    See – now I gotta go watch ’em all. Hilarious.

  8. Manfred1971 says:

    By the way, what about a video talking you in Spanish…? Bye

  9. 3rdfavorite says:

    Sandie – Tony and I are so honored to have you as our “Best Man”. You ROCK

  10. rpVerlaine says:

    i knew elvis was alive but this is conclusive prrof

  11. Nebrepmek says:

    Should I get married again, I now know the perfect entertainment! You’re top of the bill Sandie.

  12. TheBeatHotel says:

    Elvis is in the house.

  13. seanieblue says:

    Don’t hurt your voice.

  14. RufioJJ says:

    I love your voice so sweet!

  15. klunky says:

    I love this. Do it again.

    If Elvis is everywhere then is he in my pants? (Crotch area.)

  16. thefrontpage says:

    This is Elvis, from Boonhick, Texas, where I’ve been livin’ since 1977: That was pretty funny. You can portray me singin’ Billy Idol any time, ’cause that British dude rocks! And, yes, I get royalites from every black vinyl Elvis costume sold, every black Elvis wig sold, and every time someone puts my name on a chapel and on a car! Pretty good livin’, if ya’ ask me! Elvis is everywhere! Thank you. Thank you very much. Elvis has left the YouTube.

  17. CanadianBeaver says:

    Thanks for Sharing! Congradulations!

  18. hdatontodo says:

    Thanks for coming to our wedding! What a blast! You are terrific.

  19. robertodedomenico says:

    you’re too crazy sandie! 🙂

  20. littlepandaexpress says:

    haha fun!!!!

  21. lockdogz says:

    So your fiance married some one els? Conused…

  22. jebouchard451 says:

    An androgynous sandieblack? I’m both attracted, and repelled. And aroused. And disturbed. Okay, that’s four. Now I need to kiss a woman, quickly. Then go hunting. And play bowling. Ah, I feel much better.

  23. travelingwild says:

    good trip indeed.

  24. sonicflyingmachine says:

    I like you better as a woman. But that’s just my preference. Very funny though.

  25. sandieblack says:

    Please do Dustmans!

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