Obtaining a License and Marriage Officiates

Las Vegas Licensing and Marriage Officiates

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Licensing Information

Website: Clark County Marriage License Information

Site offers everything you need to know about licensing – including a link to an online application (for those of you who want to get a jump on the process and do-it-yourself, before your trip).

Below is a brief summary of what’s required:

  • Male/Female Only
  • 18 Years of age with ID (see site for details)
  • Minors 16/17 w/consent (see site for details)
  • No blood test
  • No waiting period
  • License Fee CASH ONLY ($55)


Officiate – is defined as the “Person who performs the ceremony”. In Nevada this may be a minister or a civil judge. In the State of Nevada a person wishing to perform marriages must meet the following:

Civil Marriages

Commissioner of Civil Marriages is responsible for the performance of civil marriage ceremonies. Civil wedding ceremonies are performed in the Commissioner’s Office during usual business hours.

Marriage by an Ordained Minister

Chapter 122 of the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) governs the issuance of Certificates of Permission to Perform Marriages. According to NRS 122, you must be a licensed or ordained minister in good standing within your organization; your denomination or organization must be incorporated, organized or established in this state; and your ministry must be primarily one of service to a congregation or denomination. Click on NRS 122 to view the chapter of the Nevada Revised Statutes.

Officiates with websites:

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