Olivia and John’s Gothic Wedding

Olivia and John are about to get married by the Grim Reaper, join them here at The Viva Las Vegas wedding chapel as they say their vows in the presence of…er… Death!.. (that’s Mr. Death to Be exact!)

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22 Responses for “Olivia and John’s Gothic Wedding”

  1. johnm7831 says:

    hehe it wod be nic 🙂
    me love u baby XD

    my lil gothic cutie XD

  2. UnderworldLycans123 says:

    I want my wedding to be like that it word be nice x

  3. xxmetioqurexx says:

    what a waste of life..wtf…stupid ppl and their lame religions..especially these immature lookin bastards…

  4. ainochan1 says:

    I Mean ,The One in thebeginning of the video with the mask?

  5. ainochan1 says:

    is he the one of the slipknot band?!!

  6. sk8ergirl3784 says:

    i wish i could have a gothic wedding, I don’t actua;lly like white weddings


    Mega Emos or should I say Lummox, if you think you are Goths…Why you two didn’t married in a cementery? or at least in halloween? You Ain’t Goths…but, EMOS!

  8. Cwasserstrom says:

    aww the wifes dress looks gawgos

  9. Slave4Anime says:

    I find cemetaries peaceful.

  10. Loopy666 says:


  11. hearsey1986 says:

    these are emos. just dressing in black does not make you goth.

  12. 7pecados says:

    mega emos! xD take it easy o.o

  13. 7pecados says:

    super emos! xD

  14. Freakgrl04 says:

    No, Goth hunny, goth people don’t cute themselves, or down themselves.

  15. Freakgrl04 says:

    Hello, why wouldn’t you want to get married in a cemetary! Especially if you’re a goth!

  16. vegasdealer says:

    Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, Las Vegas, Nevada Ron De Car does a great job.

  17. hilldamhill says:

    were in the hell is this place, I would love to get married there…

  18. 7pecados says:

    emos! XD

  19. kompantera says:

    so beautiful!! 🙂

  20. CreepyAngie says:


  21. Pupiko54 says:

    Craig Jones?O__________o

  22. RockOnx94 says:


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