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17 Responses for “Online Casinos Pose an Alternative to Las Vegas”

  1. ifyouwatch3 says:

    Do you play poker or learning to play?

    Check out rakebackmonthly. com , the best poker offer.

  2. Zagoram says:

    the woman of-course, she takes it all, the man & the winnings 😉

  3. ocreditor says:

    You play online to win… a cash prize and you win … a wife. That’s pretty good, I’ll say.

  4. ibetyouall says:

    who win in that situation exactly?! 😉

  5. ocreditor says:

    The two businessmen behind the project, who set up the Plaza in New York recently, announced that is the figure.
    At Online Casino Reports we have been following the story, as well as their efforts to get the loans from banks.
    Good luck indeed.

  6. ocreditor says:

    We are not sure what will happen and how Cereus will look like at the end of the day, but like the entire poker community, we’ll be keeping our eyes open to see if this is for real, or a mere publicity spin.

  7. ocreditor says:

    Conventional wisdom has it that UIGEA – the gambling ban in the States – is there to protect Vegas specifically. It makes sense, and is somewhat wise of the US economy, if unfair..

  8. ocreditor says:

    Vegas is a fun time indeed. Luckily, we have some good options online too to play at, saving us the travel…

  9. ocreditor says:

    True, and that’s why the payout rates are around 97% online, with, how shall we say it, less construction involved in setting up the casino.

  10. ocreditor says:

    a win-win situation, eh?

  11. Zagoram says:

    $7 billion sound too much, where did hear that?

  12. bon3voyage says:

    Gambling and Marriage… so typical

  13. baileyt0bin says:

    It’s for all that gamblers that can’t play online because of the UIGEA 🙂

  14. fishandgeek says:

    Think about how many online casino can you make with $7 billion… :\

  15. NirAvta says:

    Well the new las vegas plaza look good!!!
    But sadly will have to wait a until 2011 to visit it…

  16. wizzra says:

    Nothing like young love, in this case, Poker Love :), congratualation to the new wedd. Whats with that merge? UltimateBet gonna merge all of their accounts? Does it mean that a lot of players are now leaving and checking other options ?

  17. d3olinsky says:

    I heard they’re trying to raise the money from banks in the form of loans. good luck finding $7 billion…

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