Our Vegas Elvis Wedding

Guy Byars and April Rickard got married on 8/19/06 at Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas (complete with Elvis). Richard Maxwell is the best man in the background. It’s a super short ceremony, but it’s freaking hilarious. This is for friends and family, btw, but is welcome to be enjoyed by all! ps: our favorite part is the elvis frame-shuffling “dance in” after the kiss. absolutely perfect. and for all you well-wishers, we couldn’t be happier! thanks! update: Almost 3 years in, and we …

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14 Responses for “Our Vegas Elvis Wedding”

  1. Soagui says:

    Great wedding! Hope you both be very happy! The most beautiful wedding I,ve saw!!! Congrat & thanks for sharing

  2. motorphilia says:

    OK, I miss you guys. I’m up in Dallas a lot now, we need to grab lunch soon. Aaron

  3. maritzaysoraya says:

    that elvis was excelent what a talent

  4. MissArmyNurse says:

    this wer me and my hubby pla to get marry when i get to usa hahaha see yah … im excited

  5. bhartzer1 says:

    Interesting video, thanks for sharing. I had to watch this several times!

  6. brantothebeebop says:

    That is beautiful, thank you both for sharing this special moment with us!

  7. horizon123 says:

    Cute wedding, but that is NOT even close to Elvis!

  8. shadow4pne says:

    well played you two, im there 25 nov, would you suggest james brown , with big gloves on or the king ? rockahulla babies. happy marriage .

  9. crazycraiky says:

    hehe, that was great. looks like great fun. congrats on the marriage. all the best. thankyou very much, huh huh

  10. newtonlady says:

    Getting married soon in Las Vegas and that was brilliant only hope mine is as good . congratulations to you both you made my day!

  11. krdando says:

    AHHH Redneck Love..

  12. Cheze4ux says:

    I was searching for ‘Viva Las Vegas'(Elvis), when I found this. Hey you two, This was very nice indeed!
    Synopsizing: Now that you’ve been married by The King, I must convey a royal congrats to Prince Guy & Princess April!
    Seriously though, congratulations to you two!!!

  13. abcook31 says:

    I expected the wedding to be Elvis-ier.


  14. ohmpin says:

    Man that’s a great tie!!!!

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