Our Wedding in Las Vegas

After 5 years we renewed our vows in “The Chapel of Love”

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7 Responses for “Our Wedding in Las Vegas”

  1. katiemcnaughton says:

    Hey do you know how much it cost to get married there

  2. kevdog7363 says:

    beautiful.. i love looking at these videos.. gets me so excited.. my name is Trish and me and my man kevin are getting married april 3rd in vegas at always and forever wedding chaple.. so im very happy and love seeing videos like this one you have looks like so much fun congrats on your renewal after 5 yrs may God bless you 2 for a life time of love….

  3. jcfavelazz says:

    It wasn’t a wedding which costs about U$1,800 and for which you need to get a license 24 hours in advance to prevent deciding getting married while drunk. For us it was RENEWAL OF VOWS (after 5 yrs. of marriage) and it costs about U$70

  4. jcfavelazz says:

    Thanks! It was a lot of fun.
    The name of the song is: “Going to the Chapel of Love” and there are several interpretations by many different artists. I had never heard of it but my wife kept on singing it over and over on our way to Las Vegas. When I posted the video I surprised her by choosing it. I’m glad you liked it 🙂

  5. juliolax09 says:

    I like the song. who sings it and what’s the name of it?

  6. t26royax says:

    Nice….. how much?

  7. jcfavelazz says:

    thanks for your comments. really was soo funny.

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