Our Wedding

Sasha and I got married in Las Vegas, NV on Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008.

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25 Responses for “Our Wedding”

  1. cacauemorangobbb10 says:

    Makes me smille! peace from brasil XD

  2. anibioman says:

    i guess im lucky im 5′ 5″ at 14 not even to the middle of puberty yet my parents are tall 6′ 2″ and 5′ 9″

  3. thesixpak says:

    DAMN MY HEIGHT!!! hahaha you are correct i am shorter than my wife-she even wore flats for the wedding hahahah im only 5`2“ kinda sucks.

  4. anibioman says:

    are you shorter then your wife or is she wearing super high heels

  5. lamuerta13 says:

    felisidades amigo..

  6. cyrusliu says:


  7. manystar says:

    blessings dude

  8. ashtonag says:


  9. adam55MAS says:

    you to our adorable .congrats 🙂

  10. cararice31 says:


  11. cydangie says:

    aww congrats

  12. NVeArtz says:

    this is very touching and I am over the moon for you both. I hope all is well. Question are you gonna have kids, you 2 would make a beautiful baby. Good luck,

  13. khaose123 says:


  14. beccahday says:

    beautiful couple. many blessings.

  15. rogeliomagazine says:


  16. coolboxbueno says:

    That’s my birthday dude.
    Belated congrats!!!

  17. mynamekeisha says:

    aw congrats dude

  18. Polsko666 says:

    Felizidades 🙂

  19. nickfee22 says:

    Congrats dude!!

  20. Starla08Jade says:


  21. darliegoddess says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!! I’m all choking up. Congrads you two.

  22. transbadboy says:

    Im soooo happy for you andy!!!!, congratulations man.

  23. Hyena400 says:

    Congratulations. You look amazing and your wife is just beautiful.

  24. MyPinkRainbow says:

    congradulations , what a beautiful union of love … many years of happiness and bliss, bewell always

  25. onemantwodogs says:

    I love weddings….congratulations…may you be as happy as my husband and I am…8 years after our wedding!

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