Peter Andre breaks down as ex celebrates wedding

Singer fights back tears on TV as Katie Price reportedly heads to strip club in Vegas. Submit your videos at Follow us on twitter at

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11 Responses for “Peter Andre breaks down as ex celebrates wedding”

  1. cakesbyrazilia says:

    She just SILLY.Peter not POOr at all, she POOR – she will understand when her Boobs and lips and arse will get older! And her lovely kids will get older and understand all situation
    Peter just try Build a Family but Katie not for That.
    Peter Lovely Guy and Big heart person.

  2. CHAMPIONES09 says:

    so she dumps him until he wins big brother and then they get married, wow she’s a slag and he is stupid LMAO

  3. betinaxxx says:

    Stop Arguing …it’s pathetic… You either love her or hate her GET OVER IT

  4. hollychocc says:

    The relationship between Alex and Jordan is never going to last for ages, just long enough for Jordan to have another kid. Katie seems a nice enough person sometimes, just not often enough. I have to say, she’s doing a good job keeping front page news after all this time. I don’t think she would have married Alex if he’d lost big brother though …

  5. xxRoxychickxx1111 says:

    I feel so sorry for peter he actually wants them to move on all he cares about is his children. He is the only one who has actually suffered with this divorce and I think that he should keep the kids. He obviously loves them more because katie just goes out partying and leaves them etc .

  6. sonosey1 says:

    Why the he’ll did he marry the old skank was he desperate ? Quite frankly I wish they would just both do one and disapear off the face of the earth !

  7. XrainbowX15 says:

    agreed 😀 Katie’s a slag and can’t look after he own kids properly. She would rather be flirting with guys much too young for her than actually bother to spend time with her children. I think peter’s a good guy, we’ve never seen him do anything wrong, and he looks after his kids, even Harvey which isn’t even his ;]

  8. hihosilverlining2 says:

    Fact is Katie Price / Jordan whatever has no real talent and has to keep in the headlines with trash. I admit they helped each other on the fame front, and I was sick of hearing about them, but I think it’s really sad that the children have such a trashy mother. How shameful would you feel?!! Poor Peter too. I wish Katie would just chill out and be a good mum. She seems a nice person sometimes.

  9. bigbother1 says:



  10. g0fvt says:

    Well i think most of the British public are thoroughly bored with these people, but the children are stuck in the middle. You have to admire the way someone with no other talent has made a good living for so long by manipulating the media.

  11. Lovelyczech says:


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