Peter Andre speaks out about Jordan wedding

Peter Andre gives his opinion on the marriage of Katie Price and Alex Reid admitting he was “not surprised” by the news. Submit your videos at Follow us on twitter at

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25 Responses for “Peter Andre speaks out about Jordan wedding”

  1. gregglesdawrestler says:

    @cherrylis jordan is a whore a bad mother imagine puttin fake eye lashes and make up on a 2 year old shes a fcukin idiot so fcuk team pricey i feel sorry for the kids in this mind games kate n peter are playin be honest im sick n tired of it all katie price is a trouble maker n a money grabber she also tells bulshit lies in mags n paper she admits it on herself on twitter she wants 3 million for a mags coverage n tv for her wedding SHES A MONEY GRABBER

  2. MissJLS19 says:

    NO! Have you not paid any attention to anything! He split with her because she was a lieing cow! The real reason was she didn’t lose their baby she had an abortion more than once! And Pete loves kids and wanted tons. She betrayed him!

  3. SirVantesAFC2PUA says:

    everything these two egotisitcal celebs do is for PR and MONEY, this shit is some sort of soap opera.

  4. mississhippy says:

    Her only fans are teenage girls. Great!
    That’s all we need for the next generation!

  5. Cherrylisa88 says:


  6. Laura82hall says:

    She’s the 1 who’s singing their wedding song at other peoples weddings!!!

  7. Laura82hall says:

    Y would he want her bak?!? He got rid of her and has had the opportunity to go back there I have nothing against katie just think she messes up quite a lot and yes everybody makes mistakes but damn losing pete has gotta b the biggest! TEAM PETE!!!!

  8. Cherrylisa88 says:

    all for attention he wants her back listen to his new album she’s well rid serious he finishes her and shes the bad bad 1 dont think soo TEAM PRICEY X

  9. MissLloydDaniel says:

    tbh i think he has come out of his self alot more since he hasnt been with katie and has grown as an artist i do think katie price is a whoe and i do get angry wen her face is covering the newspapers. but nobody can take it away from her she is a good mum (not excelent).But peter andre is a exceptional dad and he just wants the best for his kids thats why he breaks down on tv and the tv shouldnt give him such hard interviews Ilovepeterandreee 🙂 team peter for ever <3

  10. MyMerlin1 says:

    Pete said ” it didn’t Surprise me”. He knows she’s a Whore!

  11. vikkicummins1993 says:

    I Love You Peter Dnt Get Down About That Slag. You Can Do Better Babe xxx

  12. rdossena5 says:

    this guy has balls

  13. eyetbird says:

    Well rid Peter, well rid!!

  14. zsazsa187 says:

    RIGHT ON! p.a is sooo fookin real! Jordan would sell her baby to get a tabloid cov er! She has no fookin soul! But she makes for good car crash tv! P Andre knows he married a slapper and is well rid!

  15. sarabellemilne17 says:

    hes jus soo sweet n shes a fekn money grabbin attention seeker…funny how she split wae alex in im a celeb then hes mr popular wins cbb n now there married hmm cos she saw the dollar signs

  16. TheFreemanuk says:

    male bimbo media prostitute very low self confidence.

  17. RaelSpice says:

    hes so boring and wet

  18. AllThingsNice98 says:

    pete :d

  19. ShaniceUKSP says:

    Check out
    Breakbeat UKSP – Feel it in the airr
    He is amazee!!

  20. mbabrbcb says:

    Why does everyone love Pete so much.
    when him and Katie were married people slagged him off as well so whats changed.

  21. barmycow1 says:

    as i keep saying if they were two normal people without the media this would have prob been just a blip in their marraige but the media ruined everything, you can tell they love other still

  22. 9088Nadia says:

    Good for you Pete!! He cares so much for his kids…i feel for peter!! Team Peter

  23. swagger6674 says:

    go peter he cares for his kids so much

  24. 6969ldd says:

    i which pete and katie would just get back together,they are being so childish,they r hurting each oter but i can see they really dont mean too…..katie said some silly things to him and did disreaspect him but we dont know what goes on behind closed doors,but i like them both soget it together u too

  25. lukeyboy10001 says:

    alex is a good man also but he needs to see what a evil woman katie is then he will understand what peter whent through

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