Pinky & Moby’s Las Vegas Marriage

we had so much fun!

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25 Responses for “Pinky & Moby’s Las Vegas Marriage”

  1. chatterwithchichi says:

    you guys look like you had so much fun. you guys are so cute together

  2. QuayshonWhitaker says:

    Moby u did da right thing bruh by wifin her up fam

  3. MTLShawtay says:

    CUTEST Couple Ever!!


  4. fReShEStMaMii says:

    1:59 – 2:07 !
    Lolsxz .
    Wtff .

  5. fishinrice222 says:


  6. BooBitch0828 says:

    Congratulations Pinky and Moby………… and Pinky you are so right he looks just like Fabolous lolz………

  7. BPdOlL says:

    yall is so f’nnnnn cute lol i was crackin up the whole time n i dont even leave people comments but yall r so damn fun cute n all
    yall need ur own channel pinky and moby that would be cute i would be the first subscribe

  8. 28aprilEFFbee says:

    i already know what u gon ask me moby– what?
    i know u–
    lmaoo. ATL right??

    man yaw 2cute 🙂
    congratulations momma

  9. pinkorangesoda says:

    Cool video who edited it? and cute swimsuit =]

  10. YuliAndChelseaShow says:

    aww thats is too cute

  11. Brandeasytv says:

    lmao my nigga said we gone be on dis bed later lol

  12. jovilove4 says:

    Maaaaan it Must be qrreaat to Find Someone You Can just be Yourself around. Ya’ll are a Beautiful Couple & iHope yall qo a Loooonq Way!
    -Jovi D <33

  13. cocodyson says:


  14. bird838 says:

    dats cute dat ur married but how long it gonna last? im not hatening in just saying truth

  15. ThomasBBGirl says:

    u guys lOOk so cute together!
    u both sEEm gOOfy && crazy its cute!

  16. Justcallmedoll says:

    congrats…you two are just soo wishes…;)

  17. suckmeslowlyx3 says:

    where did yu qet yur black & pink hat ?

  18. kaitlin5001 says:

    Aww. So cute! Hes lucky your so pritty. Love ya videos pinky No Homo. 🙂

  19. kimmieluvs says:

    dang ur so lucky u found a man that will go to the hello kitty store with u 🙂
    u guys are so cute!! lovin the dress2

  20. 614Gem says:

    You two are so cute together! Hope you two stay together forever! Much happiness ma ma

  21. MizDoubleDDiva says:

    pretty dress you had on for your wedding day. good luck to you both and happy anniversary.

  22. NiinOw77 says:


  23. palizqueen says:

    Omg u guys looks soo adorable together!!!

  24. myfreewill says:

    i just subbed, loved this video of you and your hubby! you guys are so friggin’ cute and silly!

  25. VITABLUEworld says:

    omg, you are one of the cutest couple i`ve ever seen!!!!

    i wish you love and a lots and lots of babies ;D :*


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