Pt. II: Red State Update at the Las Vegas Democratic Debate

Part II of Jackie and Dunlap’s trip to Vegas to keep an eye on the Dems. With CNN’s Candy Crowley, Barrel Man, and spaghetti.

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25 Responses for “Pt. II: Red State Update at the Las Vegas Democratic Debate”

  1. nickj077 says:

    “That’s good. Do you know any Rhianna?”


  2. happyt1meharry says:

    @thecanniestman,You are coming off, a bit racist.

  3. muserwood says:

    I see that you don’t follow or understand how the government works. The Dems usually don’t have the votes to change much, and the Cons block them at every turn, or idiot Bush just vetoes the bill(ex; children’s health ins, bill ). Pay attention or STFU,

  4. greywolf4744 says:

    these guys rule

  5. QuasiEvilScott says:


  6. billwhit1357 says:


  7. RichardSwayne says:

    Oh Hell!

  8. cartman4sp says:

    Prostitution legality goes county to county and its illegal in Las Vegas. Just to correct ya. There are only five counties in NV that allow it too. It is also illegal in Reno NV but if you go to story county right out side of sparks its legal.. And if you wonder how I know this no I haven’t gone to any but I was raised in NV and you do get taught this in NV history in the 10th grade.

  9. AMVVir says:

    Get off my Intarweb-tubes, Ron! And stop sending me email too.

  10. delrioguy says:

    You tell’em- that is the truth!!

  11. Baroque1750 says:

    Crazy naked barrel man…lolz.

  12. TracyInsomiac says:

    Nope…Unless they are trying to stop a Florida ballot count….

  13. FridaPeoples says:

    Hillary is intimidating because she has a huge machine behind her. I prefer consistence. Ron Paul.

  14. smwrbd says:

    what a moron you are trying to be

  15. nesquick3415 says:

    hilary is intimitating because she is communist

  16. johnkerry7 says:

    “if i was supporting Hillary Clinton id be mad too” LOLOLOLOL classic 🙂

  17. indyattic says:

    You’re delusional if you think the Dems are any different than the Neocons. RvD is a dog and pony show. Both parties are the same – taxing us into serfdom. The black community never effectively escaped share-cropper status thanks to the welfare dependency mindset. With the banks in control, the white community is on the way to joining us.

  18. Quasifonix says:

    People need to realize that both parties are corrupt. The Dems have been in control of Congress since 2006 and what have they done? They continue the war and continue to disreagrd civil liberties. Vote for the person, not the party.

  19. muserwood says:

    The NeoConservative party in office will have spent 1.5 trillion alone, on these BS wars, the dollar is shrinking, we are sooo far in debt , the world despises us , your taxes increased but it’s our children and their children that will have to pay it , and you sit here and bitch about DEMS ,unbelievable .

  20. thecanniestman says:

    Under the continued “astute” leadership of the Democrats, the black community is largely in jail or on welfare. Conservatives give us jobs. Democrats just want to penalize workers, and bring in hispanics to fill positions that were finally starting to pay us a living wage. I don’t want to live off the fruits of somebody elses labor.

  21. pezcore64 says:

    all the problems in the world, and youre worried about democrats raising taxes on the richest people in the country. god help us all.

  22. RecceMan90 says:

    I would bet Ron Paul supporters are just Conservative Democrats! (those two words next to each other look funny!) Ron Paul supporters know how to Protest and be really annoying, so it is an easy deduction. Republicans don’t know how to protest!

  23. thecanniestman says:

    Pffft. Demcrats will raise taxes to make ends meet. We need a Conservative, just not a Neocon.

  24. WileyCoyote69 says:

    “That’s good. Do you know any Rhianna?”


  25. johnnyk67 says:

    Great ending to a great vid… thanks, guys!

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