Rex/Gigi talk marriage (2/6/09)

On the way to Vegas Rex asks Gigi to marry him but both decide to wait until the timing is right. Someone is spying on Rex/Gigi as they look for Dorian/David. Later Rex/Gigi bust in on a wedding in progress. Rex/Gigi board: Farah Fath Forum:

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15 Responses for “Rex/Gigi talk marriage (2/6/09)”

  1. JenCivic98 says:

    Sooooon…Rex/Gigi will be having fun investigating and falling back in love for May Sweeps 2010!!

  2. larkyn11 says:

    rex isn’t funny like this anymore 🙁 he is all boring and it’s sweet how he is there for gigi now but i want this balsco back!

  3. JenCivic98 says:

    Make sure to call in to the OLTL hotline and leave a message about how you love and want Rex/Gigi back together

  4. CAMILE1234567 says:

    i so love gigi and rex
    my FAV couple of one life to live
    i just wwish at this point in time on the show
    they get back to how they were before
    newaysMY FAV COUPLE
    their awsome together great chemistry
    and did i mention

  5. xobabiikayxo says:

    “im not going to any strip tease Rex” lmao.

  6. godnlenora says:

    they should get married and that will be cool.

  7. jimmywaynegirl says:

    Actually, it’s been known for almost a year know that they’ve been dating but I wonder when they’ll get married, they are so perfect for eachother.

  8. xobabiikayxo says:

    omggg sameee

  9. xobabiikayxo says:

    omg thatd be so great! i hate stacy so much and what shes doing to them!!

  10. JenCivic98 says:

    lol never thought about that but it could be possible =)

  11. MSgirl25 says:

    i wonder if all of this talk between the characters had the actors talking about the same thing…..i mean no one knew that they were dating for half a year when it came out…

  12. JustGordon1 says:

    so do I

  13. jimmywaynegirl says:

    I know, they are so adorable and I can’t wait for them to get married!

  14. JohnandMarlenafreak says:

    I hope they do get married one day.

  15. firefly901 says:

    OMG I loved their talk of getting married! My heart was pounding! Love them! <3

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