Saved by the Bell: The College Years – Wedding Plans pt. 1

Zack and Kelly are engaged. Everyone is against it, including Slater. Dean McMann has to give them permission to move off campus as freshmen; she does, but hesitantly. Zack finds them an apartment (trashy, and managed by Stingray) and he finally gets Kelly a ring. The rest of the episode is about Kelly and Zack trying to get all of the details ready for a quick wedding. They call their parents and they both say no. They get the campus chapel. Lisa (Lark Vorhees) surprises Kelly and comes …

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17 Responses for “Saved by the Bell: The College Years – Wedding Plans pt. 1”

  1. xtheofficialmandyx says:

    omgeee i loooooooooved zack!!! he was likee my hugestt crush wen this used to cum on[= he is sooooo cute!!!!!!!

  2. LiDdLeEClAuDiA says:

    they are

  3. jblover4ever131 says:

    uhh i miss slater and everyone else i wish they were in college 2gether

  4. edwardluver2013 says:

    Mark-Paul Gosselaar is freakin HOTT

  5. BellaElla665 says:

    he was cute, but times have changed…..

  6. BellaElla665 says:

    close enough…

  7. TheWWElover123 says:

    I love every saved by the bell episode. Is there a brong them back kind of thing.

  8. HansonsBitch says:

    That would be Screech.

  9. BellaElla665 says:

    yuck! no offense but that nasty! *well, depending on how old u r*

  10. SpringieRacing81 says:

    I think he got cuter!!!!! lol!!

    He WASSS and ALWAYS will be the cutest boy on that show…

  11. BellaElla665 says:

    gosh sceeter is still as stupid as a rock, maybe even dumber!

  12. BellaElla665 says:

    boy zack got fat!

  13. GirlieRat says:

    I remember how excited I was watching this eppy when Lisa came in. That was a very good surprise. I loved her. I loved this entire cast. The College Years weren’t as good as the original, but it was still a nice show to watch and their wedding was the perfect finale.

  14. Aledileo says:

    yeah Lisa’s back!!! I loved her!!!!!!

  15. OhGodisGood says:


  16. dannycena42 says:


  17. dannycena42 says:

    i used to love save by the bell highschool the college one sucks

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